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  • One of the Malaysian Ghost Research evidence that has captured a circle that magnifying the differences between the physical dimension and the spirit world...

    Spirit World: Magnifying The Mystery Of Spirit Existence.

    +-*Introduction It is not easy to understand paranormal phenomena especially spirit existence as we have no reference but learning through discovery. In fact, the differences in ability among paranormal and ghost researchers which are related to one’s intelligence, colour the way how one discovers the truth that lies beyond the paranormal mystery. However, regardless of whatsoever method one chooses to discover the truth, the goals are the same which is to seek the truth beyond the paranormal phenomena. Hence, this […]

  • We need the Inner Peace to understand what beyond the physic mind by enhancing our spiritual intelligence. 
Image courtesy of teamaltman.com

    The Afterlife: Logical Thinking And The Continuation Of The Spiritual Intelligence.

    +-*Introduction Logical thinking that is based on information that we receive through our five fundamental senses plays the biggest role when it comes to making decisions in life. In fact, explanations that are not based on logical thinking almost cannot be accepted because they are not proven with solid evidence. Therefore, our explanations all the time must be governed by the five senses that rule logical thinking. Therefore, this article will be focusing on how the logical thinking works, its […]

  • Ghost orb is the most basic appearance of ghost existence.

    The Characteristics Between Ghost Orbs And Environmental Dust Orbs.

    +-*The IGHS has pointed out that  all creatures and living things are supposed to have a ‘life force’ that sustains life. Furthermore, this ‘life force’ in humans is considered to be the soul or spirit that retains the intelligence, emotions and personality of the human being that survive death. This ‘life force’ survives death because energy cannot be destroyed but may transformed into other energy patterns that represents the existence of the spirit. moreover, the orb is the basic energy […]

  • A scientific research on Paranormal and ghost research always requires a set of standard and protocols to ensure a proper investigation done in a professional manner.

    Ghosts Existence: The Quantum Reality Perspective.

    +-*Introduction. Basically, most of us view our entire existence in the physical world based on our logical thinking through our familiar five fundamental senses that limit our understanding of the spirit world. Yet once, David Bohm, the famous Quantum Physicist had said that life and intelligence do not only exist in matter, but also exist within the very fabric of the entire Universe as a Whole. Hence, when we refer to the universe as a whole, it means that it […]

  • The Positive Visualisation: Discovering The Power In You.

    The Positive Visualisation: Discovering The Power In You.

    +-*Forewords Ever since I got certified as a Phase Displacement Practitioner (PDP) in the certification by the International Ghost Hunters Society, there have been many things I had displaced in order to create a better outcome. Thus, I would like to share what I feel that may help you to change the path way of your own life through positive visualisation by dicovering the power in you. And, to help you understand the importance of the understanding of phase displacement. Some […]


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