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  • A localise ghost photo from Ulu Yam, Selangor.

    Fake Ghost Photos: The Real Challenge In Ghost Research.

    Fake Ghost Photo simply means a photo of ghostly environmental related phenomena that are almost alike to real ghost energy – or a man made imagination of ghost. Such ghostly photos can be mistaken as the energy generated by the spirit’s energy patterns but they are not, because their characteristics can be defined and explain by logical thinking. But, interestingly many people most of the time are hoping to see ghosts in the form of human figure without knowing the reality of ghost […]

  • A mysterious figure believed to be one duplicate.

    The Reality of One’s Possible Duplicate.

    The photo is believed to have captured the partial figure of a pregnant woman in the background of the photo of my three kids, whom I think is possibly my wife’s duplicate.  The reason I say that the figure is most probably my wife’s duplicate is because the figure looks like my wife when she was pregnant. Furthermore, we only have 3 children as my wife had both her fallopian tubes tied up after the third child, whom you can […]

  • Mysterious bodiless legs.

    Mysterious Transparent Body and Bodiless Legs.

    These photos were taken on 18th September, 2005 from Jublee Park, Sungai Petani, Kedah with the Canon EOS888 on Kodak ISO200, and with a tripod. I do believe that at least 4 mysterious events were captured through these photos. Meanwhile Photo Number 1, 1A and 1B are specially for the sceptics. These photos did not capture anything other than physical world events and had been put here just for comparison purposes, to prove that the slow shutter does not produce […]

  • The zoomed of an orang utan spirit.

    The Spirit of an Orang Utan.

    Do you believe that animals too have a spirit? Orang Utan is a terminology by locals that also refers to apes. The photo below is believed to have recorded an animal spirit. Meanwhile, the zoomed photos suggests that the said spirit of the animal is most probably that of an Orang Utan. This photo was captured by Malaysian Ghost Research back in 2005 near the foot of Gunung Jerai. Furthermore, this research findings suggest that not only human beings have their own […]

  • Ghostly-Looking Orbs With Face.

    Ghostly-Looking Orbs With Face.

    Ghostly-looking orbs with face in ghost research refers to natural orbs that have a “face” within its appearance. In addition, natural orbs with “face” is just like the rest of the natural orbs that are generated from the surrounding environment related to weather patterns. Hence, weather patterns be it during a wet season nor dry season generate natural orbs that have the similar basic characteristics – which is the presence of a demarcated outer ring at the edge of the […]


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