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  • Ghost manifestation in the form of light known as ghost supercharged orbs.

    The Colourful Ghost Supercharged Orbs

    These photos of ghost supercharged orbs were the first batch of paranormal photos that I had captured in the year 2005, which was the first attempt for solo paranormal and ghost research in a cemetery. The last two photos are the photos of a film negative for the purpose of proving that those supercharged ghost orbs photos are not manipulated in any way – but are a manifestation of ghosts into our reality,  based on the metaphysics concept. [ This post has […]

  • The zoomed photo of a spherical light orb known as ghost orb.

    The Spherical Ghost Orb in a Public Park.

    This photo was captured on 30/12/2005 at 7:51 pm, from a public recreational park that had captured ghost energy in the form of an orb. It is noticeable that this orb has a spherical shape that appeared in one dimension with solid appearance. Nevertheless, its has no demarcated outer ring – unlike most orb dust that possess a demarcated outer ring. [ This post has been viewed: 185 Times ]

  • A jungle track at Singkir with three floating ghost orbs.

    Ghost Orbs And Ghost Ecto Balls of Singkir.

    Have you ever walked alone in a jungle? Would you like to walk alone at night in a jungle that had been well known to be haunted? Yet, this particular spot of the jungle track was not known to be haunted until I reviewed the digital photo as well a video recording. Therefore, these are the photos taken on the jungle track where I had captured multitudes of spirit presence back in 2007 at Singkir, Kedah. The first photo captured ghost orbs […]

  • Whatever we do is a free service for others.

    The horizons of Life.

    Each one of us has our very own spiritual path, whereby at certain stretches of our spiritual life journey, we will meet others for the purpose of sharing and exchanging compliments to motivate us in our personal spiritual progress. Yet, at the same time in our personal spiritual journey back to the World of Light – our ultimate destiny – we all are progressing individually. Nevertheless, although we may seem always together in this physical dimension, yet the ultimate decisions […]

  • A localise ghost photo from Ulu Yam, Selangor.

    Fake Ghost Photos: The Real Challenge In Ghost Research.

    Fake Ghost Photo simply means a photo of ghostly environmental related phenomena that are almost alike to real ghost energy – or a man made imagination of ghost. Such ghostly photos can be mistaken as the energy generated by the spirit’s energy patterns but they are not, because their characteristics can be defined and explain by logical thinking. But, interestingly many people most of the time are hoping to see ghosts in the form of human figure without knowing the reality of ghost […]


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