Are ghosts earthbound forever?


At every moment, man is being born and dies. Thus, man continues to experience the existence of the dead. Therefore, many of us make a conclusion that when people die, they would automatically turn into a ghostlike state that becomes earthbound and many of us would then believe that ghosts would become earthbound forever. However, we must be aware that the ghost terminology is a general reference to refer the living energy that exists within the consciousness of God’s mind. Furthermore, whether a person exists in flesh or as pure energy is not important, as all of us are one in God’s mind.

Therefore, ghosts do not stay on forever in the physical world as a ghost or earthbound spirit. In other words, a ghost only temporally stays on within our domain until they have found new resolutions for unfinished business such as unsolved emotional burden during their life on earth, or being grounded by others who do not permit their beloved to move on to the higher plane of spirit existence. Hence, these unfinished business then becomes temporal for the moment until a person attains a state of personal realisation that removes and solves their unfinished business which makes them perfect to enter the inner world – The spirit world.

Ghost Etheric body is only ‘body’ that keep a ghost near to physical dimension.

However, in the process of attaining the state of realization, a ghost may return and wander on Earth’s plane for the purpose of finding a logical explanation for their unsettled business, and unfortunately the process of finding the resolutions for each one of their burdens may take years to settle in the concept of ‘time’ frame. Therefore, for this reason, we have to find the balance between our needs and our spiritual growth. Thus, this is only can take place when we have the realisation that involves crucial decision making. Furthermore, we need to master every obstacle within our path way in the journey back to the source of life by means of facing every difficulty in our life. Hence, in that way we will attain the state of perfection through experience – through pain that brings about healing.

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