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Afterlife: Do Spirits Still Recognise Us, Since They are Still Alive?

Are the dead alive? Do spirits still recognise us as they are still alive in the physical world? The concept of the afterlife is only referred to our life on earth that the living assumes to be the plane of life, where we are alive – from the perspective of the living. Therefore, these series of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs) were recorded from Rampek grave yard in Beluran Sabah where relatives and friends are buried – bring us a new dimension of knowledge with regard to spirit existence – if the dead is still alive. Interestingly, the voices from beyond – reveal that their personality never changes, in that they joke just like how they had live previously. In fact, thoseĀ  spirits who know us continue to remember as well as recognise us as they did before while they were still living in the physical world. Therefore, this research findings suggest that spirits do retain their personality, and are still able to recognise the living.

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searching the clue of life afterlife if spirits alive
Ghost research had opened up a new dimension on our knowledge of life – the afterlife.

These series of EVPs were recorded on a Sony video camera.

Aku cipta (I created) – Forward Speech 11.3kb

Aku cipta ni ( I created this ) – Reverse speech 11.3kb

Apa (What ) – 9.94 kb

Siapa tu? ( Who are these people? )Forward Speech 20 kb

Enick… – (Jonny’s nick name) – Reverse speech 9.76 kb

Seseorang tertawa (Someone letting out a giggle/laugh) – 13.6kb

Koir (Choir) – Forward Speech 11.5kb

Lagu (Song) – Reverse Speech 11.5 kb

Perut Kembung (Bloated stomach) – Forward speech 10.1kb

Perut ku (My stomach) – Reverse speech – 10.1kb

Si Agustine (Mr. Agustine) – 10.4kb


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