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Angels: Do Really Human Light Exist?

Angels are believed to exist in the form of pure energy or light because they are able to vibrate at a higher rate of vibration. Furthermore, this human light exists in a higher spiritual dimension known as the world of light, where its citizens are luminous. In fact, everything that exists within  God’s mind, the source of life, exists for a purpose that fulfil the need of one another in their journey back to the inner core of human spiritual existence—The world of Light.

Human light exists in a higher spiritual dimension known as the world of light, where its citizens are luminous. (Image courtesy of

Yet, whether one believes or not that angels really exists is not a question—because they already exist for the purpose of guiding us in our spiritual journey based on the concept of unconditional love that bonds every living energy into one in God’s Mind.

Nevertheless, we seldom see angels because they exist at the higher level of the spirit dimension. Yet, everyone of us has our own angel guide guiding us in our spiritual journey. Furthermore, this angel guide is only visible to the people who are calling for their guide. Yet, only those who have a calmer mind and soul, such as kids, are able to have a direct conversation or contact with their spirit guide.

However, based on the vast majority of people’s experiences, the spirit guide is not necessary to be seen, as it can be present in many forms for the purpose of assisting us, in our difficulties based on our needs at that moment. Hence, whether you believe it or not, everything already exists within God’s Mind. It is just a matter of waiting for one to discover the truth, and it only happens once we have attended a certain degree of spiritual understanding.

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