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What Lies Behind a Ghostly Appearance?

What lies behind a ghostly appearance? The way how spirits of the dead appear before us tells us of their intelligence. Some choose not to be seen but to be heard, some choose to be heard but not to be seen, and some of them choose neither to be heard nor seen. However, their appearance from human-like to the basic appearance of a ghost orb not only tells us of their intelligence, but also brings about our doubts on spirit existence, since the environment too is active enough to contribute the same phenomenon—such as environmental orbs—that become the dark side of the existence of the real ghost orb. In fact, statements that spirits throw to the living from their voices captured as an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) prove that our intelligence does survive death.

Ghost existence is in the form of energy that in line with the metaphysics concept.
Ghost existence is in the form of energy that is in line with the metaphysics concept.

Hence, ghost appearance is not static in a mono-appearance as suggested by the Orthodox thinking, suggesting that ghosts must always be in human form, but transparent. Since, ghost existence is in the form of energy, therefore their appearance before man is governed by the metaphysics concept. In other words, ghost appearance is dynamic that can be manifested into multitudes of energy configurations according to the purpose of the manifestation before man—that range from the most basic ghost orb form—to a complex manifestation—in the form of human-like appearance. Unfortunately, the environment too actively produce ghostly appearance mistaken to be those of ghost manifestation, but it is not. Yet, despite both similarities, still there are differences that differentiate between ghost manifestation and environmental ghostly appearance—such as the presence of intelligence. Furthermore, the difference between ghost energy and insects that are captured in video recording that has been set in a night-shot mode would be the flapping wings effect that can be seen—as the insects’ edges appear zig-zagged. However, ghost vortex would be solid without a zig-zag appearance although it is similar to those of insects that produce a long contrail. This is because this ghost vortex has its own intelligence, but also possess a zig-zagged visual appearance.

Ghost vortex is a ghost manifestation in the form solid stick like but without the zig-zagged visual appearance.
Ghost vortex is a ghost manifestation in the form solid stick, but without the zig-zagged visual appearance.

The question is, how could spirit manifestation have been related to their intelligence? It is not because we could not penetrate the truth about ghost existence, but because we tend to forget the basic existence of ghosts that once, they were just like us having flesh. But the moment a person departs to the spirit world, we tend to forget that they are still human persons without a physical body, and because of that, perhaps we could not grasp the truth of ghost existence.

Bugs too generates long contrail but with the zig-zagged visual appearance related to its wings motion.
Bugs too generates a long contrail, but with the zig-zagged visual appearance related to the motion of its wings.

When ghosts appear before us, whatever appearance they choose is totally based on their freewill that is related to their intelligence, since we believe that human intelligence does survive death. Therefore, spirit intelligence can be detected based on their appearance patterns. What I would like to emphasise here is, the intelligence of spirits governs their decision on how they choose to appear to the living, as this statement is based on our perception that spirits are human too. In that way, how spirits appear to the living reflect their intelligence, just as the intelligence of the living can be observed through their behavioural pattern

Therefore, in my understanding that in the process of documenting spirit existence, the best reference is the living, as we have only little knowledge of our duplicate world. In fact, my own observations of 28 years of teaching over 1,000 adolescents daily, as well as personal observation—have enabled me to guess one’s intelligence level through one’s behavioural patterns that are related to one’s decision-making process—that further can be seen when one responds to questions, expresses one’s opinion, and so on and so forth. Therefore, if we believe that human intelligence does survive death, we would be able to understand spirit intelligence just by understanding human behavioural patterns, rather than to struggle to figure out the intelligence of spirits.

Unfortunately, many among us are rather comfortable to label a deceased person as a ghost, rather than think that they are still human with emotions and consciousness. Therefore, this misconception on the actual concept of ghosts has limited our understanding on ghost appearance as a living person only existing in metaphysics, Yet they are still persons with a personality, but without a physical body. Thus, their behavioural patterns can be analysed—just like the behavioural patterns of the living.

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