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Beyond the Manifestation of Ghosts

One of the greatest knowledge in paranormal and ghost research that enables one to attain a higher spiritual consciousness is, the ability to recognise the characteristics of the manifestation of energy forces before man, that is based on the concept of metaphysics, as well being able to differentiate the manifestation of a related environmental phenomenon. This is because the energy forces that exist around us comprise living energy forces such as spirit existence that possesses intelligence, as well as non-living energy forces that are both inherently the law of the Cosmos.

Therefore, we see many kinds of ghost energy configurations that are derived from ghost manifestations such as ghost orbs, ghost ecto, ghost supercharged orbs, ghost ecto balls, and ghost apparitions. This is so because ghost existence is in the form of an electromagnetic field that has no fixed form, but exists freely in the form of dynamic pure energy.

Furthermore, research findings by Malaysian Ghost Research has found that those living energy forces are possessed with intelligence that differentiates it from the environmentally related phenomenon such as the insect and the bug. As for the insect and the bug, their appearance is always characterised by its wings that create a long contrail with a zigzagged appearance at the edge, known as the flying rod phenomenon.

Therefore, the video below is a good example to show us that ghost manifestation is based on the metaphysics concept that ghosts are able to transform into multitudes of energy patterns from one form to another in just a split second. This video shows the ghost appearance appearing in the form of a supercharged orb and which stops at the middle of the video frame. Unfortunately, many suggest that the anomaly is a bug instead of a ghost appearance—due to one’s lack of knowledge in understanding the concept of ghost metaphysics.

Indeed, it is truly amazing that many people are still trapped within the orthodox thinking, suggesting that a ghost must be always seen in human form, but is transparent. Furthermore, such orthodox thinking not only has become a stumbling block for many, with regard to ghost manifestations before man, but also has brought about a new phenomenon related to ghost existence captured on photo that fakes ghost evidence being born every day—which further confuses many of us.

However, the secret understanding that enables one to understand ghost existence lies beyond the ghost’s manifestation itself, where which one needs to understand the concept of ghost metaphysics that become their ‘body’ of existence within the physical plane that also possesses some kind of intelligence making it different from related environmental phenomenon.

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