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Beyond Explainable Mystery of Ghost Appearance

Sometime ghost appearance is inexpiable, and beyond logic. This is because ghost appearance is based on energy that is governed by the metaphysics concept. Hence, it is similar when we look back at our own personal life path, where many things had happened and at the same time, its given us the opportunity to realise the difficulties of our own spiritual progress based on the gift of life that we have received from the Universe itself. Nevertheless, most of us are still confined so much to the concept of the physical life that we tend to only accept things that are only related to logic. In fact, we have been seasoned to live in the physical reality that is governed by our fundamental five physical senses.

Hence, when something happens beyond the judgement of our physical senses, we tend to disregarded it as something unacceptable—because it is not fitted with logical explanation. Therefore, what about a paranormal event that happens in our journey of life? When in the actual sense, there is no such thing as paranormal. In fact, everything is normal but since we have only limited knowledge on certain things therefore we just can’t cope with things beyond the physical life concept.

However, I believes everything has its own explanation, yet we need the focus and have an open mind to accept any new knowledge. Furthermore, everything that happens, ever happened and ever will happen in the entire Universe including what humans perceive to be the physical world in its natural form, first originated as a thought in the Mind of a Being. Has anyone of us ever thought what ever happened in our life truly originated from our own mind, our friend’s mind, parents and anyone around us who somehow become the cause that brings effect—sooner or later in our life.

The above video was the first paranormal event that I had captured at an Indian Cemetery. This is not a paranormal, although I always used the said terminology to refer to anything uncommon seen as paranormal, but it is just an ordinary terminology. Interestingly, many people have viewed this amazing spirit but most of them simply can’t accept it to be a ghost energy pattern, because its appearance is similar to that of a dragonfly, and they are right anyway on this particular characteristic.

Yet, what is worse is some people label this amazing spirit energy to be fake,  wow, truly cool. But then again, it is not everyone of us who has the capacity to adapt to this kind of knowledge. In fact, I still remember being asked by a friend “What is this?” A very simple question that everyone can answer. But, once the same question mentioned is being asked, referring to something uncommon—then, it is not easy to explain either because the manifestation of ghost appearance is indeed based on pure energy that is governed by the metaphysics concept.

An anomaly that looks like a dragonfly, but which in a split second turns into thin mist and disappears into the air.

Now, let us see a bit further this phenomenon. It looks like an insect, yes, yet this characteristic does not fully explain questions that we need to answer. The event happened in just a split second where we could see something passing looking like a dragonfly, and most of us will say it is an insect! Yet, the real matter that challenges the physic Law that goes beyond the comprehension of logical explanation is, the said dragonfly-looking anomaly which passed by all of sudden burst mist-like into the air and disappeared even before it crossed the camera screen view. In fact, an entomology expert Dr. Doug Yanega  who has had over 20 years of experience in the entomology field research from the  Department of Entomology, Entomology Research Museum University of California confirms that no insect has the ability to discharge itself into the air in the form of mist.

Based on logical explanation, the solid appearance of a dragonfly confirmed logic’s premise to be true for the anomaly to be an insect. Nevertheless, the moment the same anomaly is able to burst into thin mist in the air and disappear from the camera screen view no longer fits logical premise, as it challenges logic. Therefore, most viewers who fail to understand this make them stuck with the anomaly being just an insect to them.

Therefore, when we summaries the event, the new information here is, no insect has the ability to turn into another configurations in a split second and disappear into the air, unless there is a kind of insect that could really disappear in the air by discharging itself into thin mist and disappearing.

Hence, for this reason most viewers fail to accept this video to be evidence of ghost existence due to the lack of understanding on the reality of ghost existence existing in the form of energy. Furthermore, the ability to discharge a kind of energy in a split second and change appearance from one configuration to another—is the basic characteristics of living energy that has no fixed physical appearance that explain the concept of metaphysics.

In fact, this video clip from the Malaysian Ghost Research’s documentation on ghost existence not only has given us the opportunity to see the intelligence that living energy possesses, but at the same times it challenges our personal spiritual understanding  on the spirit world realness.

Therefore, for this reason I have learned paranormal basic knowledge from the International Ghost Hunters Society that had enabled me to go deeper into paranormal understanding. However, there are things that we need to learn along the journey on our own, and I myself is still learning to understand this great mystery of life beyond the grave. Unfortunately, what you see on Malaysian Ghost Research’s video clip is less than 1% of the knowledge and experience that the researcher himself had gone through in real time during the investigation. Therefore, it is truly a personal spiritual development that we need to learn on our own—as a ghost is just like you and me—and responds accordingly to provocations.

Well, the choice is in a person’s hands, once an action is chosen the impact starts as well—so just keep on smiling, today is the day to make a choice in your life. Do not be disturbed by spirit energy that only appears in a split second unless you are willing to learn—and the learning process is a lifetime experience. There is no shortcut  to uncover a mystery—as there are many more unexplainable ghost appearances out there that need to be explained.

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