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Bukit Hijau Waterfall: Beautiful With Its Different Levels of Cascading Waterfalls

Bukit Hijau Waterfall, Baling of Kedah is about 44km away from Sungai Petani and about an hour drive. Located at Baling district and to be exact based on the coordinates N 05′ 29.86″, E 100′ 46.39″ on the map. It is famous for its beautiful different levels of cascading waterfalls and its natural beautiful surrounding. The water is crystal clear and this place is usually packed during the weekends. 


the-upper-waterfall of Bukit Hijau
The upper waterfall of Bukit Hijau.

The Facilities In Need of Maintenance

However, this recreational forest park cannot be assessible by public transport. Furthermore, the Bukit Hijau recreational forest park may only be suitable for a day’s trip or a day’s picnic.  In fact, the basic facilities are only suitable for hard-core campers and nature lovers. During my family visit of the recreational forest park, the area seemed to be poorly maintained and some parts were no longer being maintained by the authority for a long time, especially the upper level of the stream. Many of the huts had been abandoned, or broken down, and its surrounding turned into bushes. In fact, some parts of the fence trail had already collapsed. The rubbish management also needs to be improved on in order to maintain the cleanliness of the place, lest the place be abandoned by visitors. Perhaps, Bukit Hijau Waterfall is still in need for further  upgrade on its infrastructure.

Car park and food stall area.
Car park and food stall area.
The bridge of Bukit Hijau stream.
The bridge on the Bukit Hijau stream.

The Attractions Of Bukit Hijau Waterfall

The main attraction of this recreational forest park is its stream, its beautiful cascading waterfall at different levels, the rock formations and its natural forest surroundings. At the lower part of the stream, there are some big pools, a cascading waterfall, rock formations and is moderately kept. At the middle of the 15-20-minute walk to the upper stream one can see a hidden waterfall. At the upper stream which is the top waterfall, one can see a beautiful stream and jungle scenery.

A cascading waterfall can be found at the lower parts of the stream.
A cascading waterfall can be found at the lower part of the stream.
the-hidden-waterfall of Bukit Hijau
The hidden waterfall of Bukit Hijau found at the middle area of the forest park.
A beautiful scenery at the upper part of the Bukit Hijau stream.
A beautiful scenery at the upper part of the Bukit Hijau stream.
A beautiful stream at the upper level of Bukit Hijau.

General Conclusion

Despite the distraction of mosquitoes, leeches and lack of facilities, the Bukit Hijau Waterfall may still be worth a visit. The coolness of the stream, the beauty of the waterfall and its nature can be an escape from the restless city life. The whole journey there and most of the surrounding were recorded in the video below.

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