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Can Ghosts and Spirits Hurt the Living Physically?

Can ghosts and spirits hurt the living? Findings by Malaysian Ghost Research suggest that the ghost/spirit/soul exists in the form of an electromagnetic field—pure energy that holds one’s personality as a unique electromagnetic field. However, due to the fact that the soul had used to live in the physical body while on Earth, therefore, it still preferred a ‘body’. Thus, the soul creates a ‘body’ of energy that is like its earthly body.

Can Ghosts and Spirits Hurt the Living?

So, the question is, can ghosts and spirits hurt the living? Can ghosts and spirits physically hurt one? The answer is in line with the dualism concept. The dualism concept perspective is, when the answer is NO, there is bad news to the YES answer, and vice versa. The NO answer is because it is impossible for the spirit of the dead to physically hurt the living because they have no physical body.

In fact, there is no scientific evidence that had been documented or reported to prove that the spirit of the dead can hurt the living, except for Hollywood ghost movie makers who suggest that ghosts in the form of demons can harm the living, and this is one of the examples of misleading perceptions about the truth of spirit existence.

1 can ghosts and spirits harm the living
Scientific ghost research reveal that ghosts are in the form of energy as a unique electromagnetic field.

In addition, scientific ghost research evidence has shown that, be it in the west or in the east, the same evidence regarding ghosts have been found, such as ghost orbs, ghost ecto balls, ghost apparitions, ghost ectoplasm, people shadow, ghost vortexes, ghost orbs in motion, as well as ghost voices in the form of electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) that explain the existence of ghosts in the form of energy – in a unique electromagnetic field.

However, there are still differences in terms of the terminology that refer to ghosts, based on people’s cultural background and beliefs. In fact, it is the cultural background and belief difference which brings about the uniqueness of people’s perceptions about ghost existence.

Unfortunately, the dualism concept gives another room for the YES answer to the question whether ghosts and spirits can hurt the living. Hence, the YES answer from the spiritual perspective will frighten us the most, because of its nature that is beyond logical explanation.

Think of this analogy of a big sized strong man who is physically fit and may be unbeatable. But despite having a big sized body and strength, he still has weaknesses. His mind and his emotions would be his weaknesses that are vulnerable and easily manipulated by others that will defeat his physical appearance.

Therefore, the answer for the question – can ghosts and spirits hurt the living? The dualism concept give us a big YES. Indeed, ghosts and spirits can hurt the living from the spiritual perspective. Our mind and emotion are vulnerable to ghosts’ and spirits’ attack because these characteristics are in the form of vibration that are translated as energy.

Our mind and emotion are too vulnerable to FEAR, and fear is a state of mind that can be easily manipulated by ghosts and spirits to attack the living.

Black Magic

Ghosts and spirits attack the living through manipulation of mind and emotion is similar how black magic works. The attack is not intended to attack the physical body but the soul body. Hence, whatever the soul body feels will then manifest into reality that will be visible on one’s physical body. This is because the living is the only soul that has a physical body from the perspective of the living.

In fact, it sounds ridiculous for those who have never experienced being victims of black magic, but it is truly hell for those who have experienced it. It is beyond scientific explanation but that is the truth that we must bear from the spiritual perspective that black magic indeed exists.

Real Life Experience

However, due to cultural background and belief differences, therefore different measures and understanding on the reality of those living energy also differ from one another. Consider this case, the case of Water Spirits in Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore as a good example of one perception on the existence of other beings that exist within our domain. The photos below were received through email sent to the researcher by a friend with the following information:

“On 4 July 09 – Mom’s friend’s daughter went to siloso beach to frolic in the sun and sea and returned home with not just the sports bra tan-line but a set of child’s handprints and one more on the shoulder, a bigger hand. If you look carefully in the first photo, you’ll see the really long nails on the bigger hand. So they went to the Chinese temple and checked and apparently a child-ghost tried to push her into the water but didnt work…so the adult-ghost tried on her right shoulder, didn’t work as well..turns out that, as Buddhists, the god they were praying to at home was protecting her. Freaky… I guess this explains the one-drowning-incident-a-year problem at Siloso beach?”

At first the researcher was reluctant to analyse the said photos due to scientific data attached to the photos which might have been tampered or lost when the photos were renamed. Hence, after a year those images were received, being still within the email box, the researcher realised the need to analyse the said photos, as there were many people asking if ghosts and spirit can physically hurt people, based on the information that says the spirit tried to push down the girl with the intention to drown her.

However, the researcher upon checking the images found that the claim was not true based on thorough analysis of the palm mark printed on the girl’s back and her shoulder. Yet, based on the shape of the fingers that were printed on the skin, indeed it was not the shape of ordinary fingers of a human being.

2 can ghosts and spirits harm the living
Visual of the palm mark on the shoulder.

First, the palm mark on the girl’s shoulder proved that the unseen being had substance in the form of energy, and the Malaysian Ghost Research video recording also showed that spirit energy can be seen in the form of ecto or mist-like form. Therefore, the spirit energy had blocked the sun rays from reaching the girl’s skin that left a mark, and for this to happen one must be lying on their chest on the beach for not less than 15 minutes on a hot day.

Furthermore, to analyse such image, it is necessary for one to understand the behaviour and actions of human beings. Hence, the image of the palm mark printed on the left shoulder showed that the palm was not in the pushing down position, but instead it was put on the shoulder gently, as not all finger marks printed could be associated with hard pressure on the shoulder.

4 can ghosts and spirits harm the living
The way the palm mark was put on the shoulder from the side.

Meanwhile, the palm mark on the right shoulder showed that there was no strong grab on the shoulder shown by the print of only three fingers, that goes to prove that the palm was put on the shoulder gently. In fact, if we put together both hands and position them as the spirit had touched the girl on the shoulder, it shows that the action was carried out not in the water but perhaps on land as though the unseen person was in a kneeling position on the right.

3 can ghosts and spirits harm the living
The palm mark appeared to be placed on shoulder without hard pressure.

Therefore, sometimes things can be explained logically if we understand the concept of physical dimensions related to human life. In fact, the nearest person that we can see is our own self. Hence, in physical reality we have no longer connections with the spirit world in terms of physical law, but on the other hand at the higher dimension all of us are connected to each other in one single connection which is God’s Mind that holds every consciousness—as all of us without exception are the integral aspect of God’s existence.

Hence, the researcher once again would like to stress that spirits have no ability to harm the living physically. Yet, neither the living nor the spirit can harm one another through the universal rules, which is through the Cause and Effect Principle within the dualism concept.

Therefore, everything begins with energy and is translated into the human mind through the thinking process that is further carried out into reality through one’s action. This action will then cause the alterations of energy that can result into positive or negative effects—be it at the physical level or at the higher level of other dimensions—that not only will affect the present dimension but also other beings from different dimensions.

Hence, to live in harmony with everyone, including the living, energy forces that co-exist within our domain do not only to help us understand better the existence of ghosts, but they are also in line with the natural way of life—Thus, forgive, forget and heal so that our spiritual journey can progress.

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