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Decoding the Mystery of the Parallel World’s ‘Busy Road’

When we talk about human consciousness, the first thing that comes to mind would be the experiences that we have gone through in a particular moment. Yet, most of the time we would evaluate our experiences in the journey of the spherical life based on our fundamental five physical senses that have played a big role in our life. Nevertheless, there are things that are beyond the senses of our fundamental five physical senses related to events happening at the higher dimension within the physical dimension. Yet, those events are only available to us if we are connected at some point with the event itself.

Nevertheless, at this moment in the modern era, we are very fortunate to have many kinds of technologies that can be used for the purpose of assisting us in many tasks. Similarly, the same technology also has been used widely by means of assisting many researchers in paranormal and ghost research – to document events beyond the sense of our fundamental five physical senses – none other than a video camera. However, this technology is strictly only to assist us in documenting the event and no more than that. In fact, all information that is recorded in the video is in the form of encrypted information until we gain a certain realisation and understanding that enables us to decrypt the information to suit the logical understanding of our fundamental five physical senses in a particular moment.

Hence, based on the Malaysian Ghost Research experience in the paranormal and ghost research, we had recorded multitudes of events beyond the comprehension of human consciousness. In fact, the researcher himself had gained understanding only through experience and realisation that progressed accordingly bit by bit to suit the needs of our personal spiritual journey. One good example is, the Malaysian Ghost Research researcher has documented a peculiar event whereby a non-existent ‘busy road’ could be seen through the video screen and at the same time the event was witnessed by a few people including the researcher himself, yet this non-existent ‘busy road’ was not seen in reality.

2 years later the mystery of the ‘busy road’ is unveilled where the ‘busy road’ that was seen and recorded in the video finally started to be built at the place where the said road supposedly existed.
2 years later the mystery of the ‘busy road’ is unveilled where the ‘busy road’ that was seen and recorded in the video finally started to be built at the place in 2008 where the said road supposedly existed.

Interestingly, only after 2 years later the mystery of the ‘busy road’ is unveilled where the ‘busy road’ that was seen and recorded in the video finally started to be built at the place where the said road supposedly existed. Yet, the great understanding only comes four years later when we are really ready and have reached a state of realisation and understanding. Therefore, the researcher comes to think that if he himself takes many years to attain a degree of understanding that enables him to evaluate paranormal evidence, then how about the skeptics who do nothing but become ‘an expert’ in evaluating the paranormal evidence? Therefore, it is really like a small kid telling his/her own parents what they need to do.

This road was open to public in 2009.
This road was open to public in 2009.

Furthermore, the video below recorded back in 2006 had recorded the non-existent ‘busy road’ that surprised those who were present at that moment. Interestingly two years later, the actual road finally had started to be built and in the year 2010 the researcher once again visited the place to ‘collect’ some information. To the researcher’s surprise, the road was actually less than 50 metres from the place where we had been recording and experienced the event.

Therefore, the mystery of the non-existent ‘busy road’ codes finally had been broken four years later, whereby this event had given us the opportunity to realise the truth about the future dimension’s reality that explains the concept of the future – that everything relies on the human mind power. In fact, this event has proven that things happen based on the universal principal which is the concept of the Cause and Effect Principal. Furthermore, the Causation concept is central in the human mind that further creates a new dimension based on the focus, intent and emotion that cause the ‘effect’ – the new reality to be created. Meanwhile, the Effect Concept is a reality that was created from the focus, intent and emotion and this concept is truly central in the human mind that goes with the freewill right.

Furthermore, this new realisation has not only brought new horizons in our perceptions about life and the existence of a higher spiritual dimension. It also has proven that miracles do not happen in the physical plane without it happening at the higher spiritual dimension. In fact, things happen based on our own intent that is central at the higher dimension – based on our own mind that is parallel with the universal consciousness –  God’s own power – the knowledge of knowing the right and wrong entrusted in us. Hence, since we have the choice, then it is truly up to us to make a choice in life that destiny is truly engineered by us – thus our own personality is shaped by our very own ultimate destiny.

Yet, the Malaysian Ghost Research finding found the ‘busy road’ to be the energy that has been transformed from the collective mind of many people involved in the decision of the road project being created and this great intent, focus and emotion were already created at the higher spiritual dimension – The Universal Mind – that in the actual sense the road already existed. Meanwhile, in the present physical reality, the ‘busy road’ only existed in the form of a road map project that was only known to those involved in the project.

Hence, the truth is that things happen in our life having its own cause that brings about its own effect. Yet at the same time, not all our choices bring happiness but sometimes bring difficulties in life. Yet, such effect is important for our own spiritual journey to create awareness and realisation that not only benefit us personally but also benefit others through sharing as part of our service to own ‘self’, in line with the concept of Universal Oneness.

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