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Solo Ghost Research: The Do’s and Don’ts During Ghost Research

Are you scared of ghosts? Many people told me to not conduct a solo ghost research because it is too dangerous. The question is, is it dangerous to be a solo ghost researcher? The answer depends on the individual perception, culture and beliefs. It is too dangerous if you have no understanding on what you are doing and who you are dealing with. Therefore, literally scientific ghost research means an action searching for ghost in a systematic investigation into the ghost research and study the collected evidences in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

In other words, an exploration into the unknown—in terms of space, time and matter using a scientific method.  But, why are people still interested in conducting ghost research if one knew that ghost research is dangerous? There are many reasons indeed but as for me, I do solo ghost research for knowledge and personal spiritual growth.  In fact , I have been a solo ghost researcher for the past 18 years. I have been into the jungle, cemeteries, abandoned houses, buildings, historical sites and many other places to conduct ghost research and have experienced many kinds of events encounters with ghosts during ghost research.

Solo ghost research gives us the opportunity to express our potential to explore the unknown.
Solo ghost research gives us the opportunity to express our potential to explore the unknown.

However, whether you are conducting ghost research solo or in a group, the do’s and the don’ts remain the same. In fact, there are many things that one needs to keep in mind when conducting a ghost research. Professionalism is mandatory in any kind of ghost research—despite the research field. In fact, ghost research is similar to any other traditional research that has its very own standards and protocols. In ghost research,  the do’s and the don’ts are listed in the ghost research standards and protocols. These lists of standards and protocols for ghost research were gathered from my experience conducting ghost research solo—for the past 18 years. Yet, the do’s and the don’ts list is always governed by the attitude of “respects, reverence, love and kindness” towards our subject in ghost research.

Perhaps, before one can decide whether to be a solo ghost researcher or a group researcher, one need to be able to understand the actual concept of ghosts. Hence, what is ghost to you? If your mind can accept logically and undoubtedly understand the concept of ghosts in many aspects of life which differs from the science, culture, beliefs, personal views and religion perspectives—then you can be a solo ghost researcher. The video below was one of my solo ghost researches at an abandoned cemetery. If you are alone, by watching the video below that was my solo exploration in an abandoned cemetery. Now, the real challenge is not the ghost but you yourself—being capable  to understand the actual concept of ghosts.

I have been into this cemetery for the past few years and have meet ‘spirit friends’ in this cemetery. In fact, I have found that cemeteries is one of the places that I have felt at peace, compared to a historical sites, abandoned houses and abandoned buildings. The very reason why historical sites,  abandoned houses and buildings can be a scary place is because these places seem to be contaminated with negative energy from many kinds of situations in the past. Therefore,  if you understand the actual concept of ghosts and observe the “respect, reverence, love and kindness” towards the spirit of the dead, then you have observed the Do’s and the Don’ts during solo ghost research.

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