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Dying is to Live: Life Continues Even When We Have Shed Our Physical Body

This research was conducted during the Solar and Geomagnetic storms coupled with a thunderstorm which is associated with electricity being discharged into the air. The investigation lasted for 30-minutes. Perhaps, these research results suggest that dying is to live and life continues even when we have shed our physical body. In fact, there are no dogs within our home yet the spirit of the dog that we owned 20 years ago still exists at the higher dimension. Therefore, to die is just a way of transition to continue the spherical life at a higher level of human spirit dimension.

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Dying is a metaphor of life.

Research Findings: Dying to Live

The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

A door opening followed by foot steps – 58.6kb

Close Door – 12.8kb

Open door… open… open – 67.8kb

Kau tim – that was followed by a woman crying – 27.6kb

    Spirit 1 : Kau tim (Cantonese Language) – Finish.

    Spirit 2 : That…

    Spirit 3 : crying.

Masing-masing (On your own business) – 19.5kb

Hello – 7.8kb

Papa – 36.1kb

Don’t look for me 13.3kb

Don’t wait for me – 17kb

What for? – 13.6kb

Muli ( Go home ) – 6.01kb

A male dog barking from inside the house – 38.1kb

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