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Ghost Electrogmagnetic Field: The Inherent Law of the Cosmos in Ghost Existence

Electromagnetic field is a field of force that consists of both electric and magnetic components. It also results from the motion of an electric charge and contains a definite amount of electromagnetic energy—where all matter is possessed with magnetic properties. Hence, man too is possesed with magnetic properties but also you, I, the spirit, mind substances, astral substances, Ether and all matter manifesting two poles which are the negative and the positive—are all the inherent law of the Cosmos.

Unfortunately, most of these matter are in the form of energy that are invincible to the naked eye that includes ghosts. Yet, when we stand up in front of a mirror, we definitely will experience seeing another dimension reflected in the mirror, whereby not only will we see another ‘me’  but the duplicate of the surrounding as well. Yet, most of us do not realise that this phenomena is indeed a good indicator to show us the existence of another dimension that is real, the existence of a non-physical dimension that does not occupy space or time—but it already exists.

Similarly, ghost presence is not necessarily seen nor heard, as ghosts exist in the form of energy that is represented by a unique electromagnetic energy field. Furthermore, this electromagnetic energy field that represents the existence of spirits is considered to be the continuation of a person’s existence after a transition process known as death, which is simply the essence of the deceased transiting into another bodily form at the higher plane of existence.

Spirit's appearance before man is in line with their freewill concept yet the appearance is base on electromagnetic field related to ghost metaphysics.
The appearance of spirits before man – is in line with their freewill concept. Yet, their appearance is based on an electromagnetic field related to ghost metaphysics.

Nonetheless, in order for one to understand the relationship between the living and the spirit existence as a reflection of life, first we see how the solar system interacts with the universe through its solar wind, sending electromagnetic radiation to the earth and beyond. Furthermore, because the earth itself possesses two electromagnetic  poles, it therefore has its magnetosphere that becomes a kind of ‘communication’ bridge, a harmonious interaction between the plasma waves of the solar and the earth.

The interaction between solar and the earth's magnetosphere through electromagnetic radiation
The interaction between solar and the earth’s magnetosphere through electromagnetic radiation | Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Similarly, not only does man possess magnetic properties but also you, I, the spirit, mind substances, astral substances, Ether and all matter manifesting two poles which are the negative and the positive—and these are all the inherent law of the Cosmos. In fact, the human body is possessed with double organs where which each one of it is situated on the right and on the left. Therefore, this is to prove that man is a magnet having two poles that are the same as other bodies that manifest magnetic properties. Therefore, each pole of a body having magnetic properties constitutes of absorbing, storing up and radiating a subtle form of energy from and to the surrounding space.

Indeed, our body consists of energy that is related to our present body in the physical plane to the astral plane, and to the higher spiritual plane. Therefore, a body whether physical or non-physical indeed is an important aspect of spiritual life.

So, because man is a magnet itself, therefore man has the capability of being influenced by other energy such as the influence of the presence of strong electromagnetic energy field that represents the presence of ghosts similar to the earth magnetosphere reacting to the electromagnetic radiation of the solar wind. Hence, our body is extremely sensitive to any kind of disturbances that is related to ghost presence that exists in the form of a unique geomagnetic field.

The magnetism of human body are represented by auras related to electromagnetic field
The magnetism of the human body is represented by auras related to an electromagnetic field.

In fact, our body is a kind of tool that is able to sense the presence of geomagnetic field disturbances, for our body consists of magnetic poles that are similar to the Earth’s magnetic poles. Hence, if there is a presence of a surrounding strong geomagnetic field generated by the unseen being, then the presence of energy generated by ghosts would cause disturbance to the magnetic field in our body whereby this change can be felt as if the whole body buzzes—and sometimes one might feel their skin hair rising.

Furthermore, this change is actually a natural reaction to the magnetic field in our body due to the presence of the geomagnetic field disturbances which are stronger from the outside of the body. Nonetheless, being scared due to our imagination or other natural electromagnetic phenomenon such as electromagnetic field energy generated by electrical appliances and other natural electromagnetic field energy sources do not trigger a sense of positive feeling towards the presence of someone unseen. Therefore, because our body is a magnet too therefore we do not need tools to sense the ghost presence as our physical body naturally has the ability to sense the presence of ghosts. Yet, for scientific purposes we need scientific tools to prove the presence of ghosts.

Hence, because ghost existence is in the form of energy, therefore their presence is possible to be detected using scientific tools such as the EMF meter, K2 meter, trifield meter, video camera, digital camera and so on. The question is, can we sense ghost presence without a gadget? YES we can sense ghost presence by just relying on our physical body because our body consists of energy which explains that man is a magnet.

Therefore, for a personal experience with ghosts, we don’t need a gadget to sense the presence of an electromagnetic field that is generated by ghosts, for naturally we consist of energy that is connected harmoniously with universal energy forces. This relationship indeed is similar to the earth’s magnetosphere that reacts harmoniously with the solar storm that influences the energy flow on the earth’s electromagnetic field.

Similarly, we can sense the presence of foreign energy outside our body by force or unintentional influence of the Etheric energy within our body. This is because of the natural interaction that explains the constitution of the inherent law of the Cosmos in relationship with the continuation of both spiritual life and the reflection of life at the higher plane of existence.

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