understanding environmental phenomenon in ghost research
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Environmental Phenomenon: Understanding Its Signature in Ghost Research

Environmental phenomenon are considered as a great obstacle nor a kind of misleading information about ghost manifestation when one to conduct a ghost research outdoor. Furthermore, ghost manifestation in certain condition do share similar manifestation characteristics with those of the environmental phenomenon such as a vortex and long contrail phenomenon.  However, peculiar characteristics are the most common phenomenon that being shared by both phenomena. This peculiar visual is considered as an artificial artifact generated by our technology devices in certain conditions such as when a camera use in low light condition and so on.

However, understanding this environmental phenomenon indeed is very important in scientific ghost research. In fact, the said phenomenon not only can be used to validate the ghost manifestation but also can be used as reference to differentiate as well as to determine the source type of phenomena be it ghost phenomenon or environmental phenomenon. Yet however, despite of both phenomena having similarities but ghost manifestation has its very own uniqueness that differentiate its peculiar visual from those of environmental phenomenon. Furthermore, this unique characteristic of ghost manifestation is derive from intelligence and its original form which is in the form of energy.

understanding environmental phenomenon in ghost research
Understanding the environmental phenomenon is very important in ghost research.

Nonetheless, to see how is the environmental phenomenon be seen in video recording that can be mistaken as paranormal phenomenon from a a video recording one can watch the video recording below. The footage that were compile in this video were taken from my actual ghost research footage. The video recording shows how insects create a peculiar visual, how a tiny insect can be mistaken as ghost orb as well as how is a mosquito looks like when it landed on camera lens.

This video did not captured anything that can be considered as paranormal but only environmental phenomenon that can lead one to proclaim it to be something paranormal but there are not. In fact, this video can be considered as solid empirical evidence to show the differences between ghost manifestation and natural phenomenon.

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