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What Exactly Lies Beyond the Voices of the Dead?

Even though paranormal research findings on voices of spirits have revealed scientific evidence of spirit existence, yet, we have no idea what lies beyond the voices of the dead because of the limitations of our fundamental nature that is shaped by our five senses.

Yet, history back in 1920 revealed how Thomas Edison who experimented with his early recording inventions, had recorded the voices of the dead and found some clues that human personality does survive death. Furthermore, he suggested that it might strictly be logical and scientific to assume that one’s memory may also be retained despite the death process. Nevertheless, voices of the dead is not only proof that human intelligence does survive death, but they may also bring about undisclosed messages and the mystery that requires in—depth analysis to unlock the secrets that lie beyond these voices.

The video recording below is one of the good examples that had captured an EVP saying ‘Thank you’—showing ghost appreciation towards efforts by Malaysian Ghost Research conducting a paranormal video recording in their territory. Nonetheless, the voices that were recorded simply suggest that they retained their human qualities—since they are still human too, but just without a physical body.

Therefore, the voices of the dead which are recorded in the form of EVPs may not only contain secret messages, references of the psychology of the spirit but also can be a reference to people’s culture and lifestyle in the past, as well as become our reference to future dimensions.

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