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Examples of Photos Caused By Long Exposed and Camera Shake

Long exposed and camera shake effects are the two variables always used by many when it comes to judging paranormal related photos. Hence, it is very important for a ghost researcher to know and understand the concept, and how the long exposed and the camera shake affects photos, and what the basic characteristics of these effect results on photo. Yet, this knowledge later can be used as a basic knowledge to understand and differentiate between long exposed photos, camera shake  and paranormal photos.

Furthermore, those photos below were my experiment on the effects of a long exposed photo and camera shake using a DSLR camera. Hence, these photos below are those that were caused by a technical fault, whereby the camera which had been set to a long exposed mode, was not mounted unto a tripod, and the external light not ready when the photo was snapped.

long expose photo
In this example, the man’s head  disappeared when he moved his head – bwcause of the slow shutter and uthe photo was taken in low light condition, while we only have one physical body.
long exposed photo
In this example, the girl’s head almost disappeared and become transparent because of the slight movement, but the disappearance is distributed evenly.
long exposed photo
In this example, the presence of light contrails  originated from local light sources. The camera was moved before the shutter shut.
long exposed
In this example, the camera had shook and moved downwards, causing light trails from local light sources to be recorded.

Thus, this experiment suggests that a solid object would be washed off or faded away, but the fading would be distributed evenly. If a subject moves very fast under low light condition, the image would totally disappear. Therefore, this characteristic is very important to be used in the process of differentiating between a valid paranormal image, from the image caused by a long exposed photo. Hence, this knowledge and understanding of the concept of a long exposed photo and camera shake effects can help one to understand similar phenomenon in ghost research.

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