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Explanations Of An Anomaly Contrail Appearance in Ghost Research

Contrail appearance phenomenon in ghost research is one of the challenges that a ghost researcher has to face when evaluating a suspected paranormal anomaly captured either on slow shutter video camera or digital camera. Hence, how to differentiate between an anomaly that is generated by ghost energy and the environmental related anomaly would be the greatest challenge, since both phenomena share similar characteristics, such as a contrail appearance.

Therefore, findings by Malaysian Ghost Research revealed that a contrail, short or long that is present at the tail end of an anomaly does not represent the actual characteristic of spirit existence, but rather tells us of the presence of intelligence behind the contrail’s appearance. Therefore, the contrail appearance explains the differences between the living anomaly and the natural phenomenon that are related to the environment.

bug contrail
Zigzag appearance is the basic signature of contrail phenomenon related to a bug’s motion.

Furthermore, the contrail phenomenon is more prominent when we use a video recorder to record spirit existence that is set to slow shutter mode, where we will see both spirit and anomaly alike related to the environment, producing the same characteristic which is contrails.

Nonetheless, the only reference that differentiates between ghost energy and bugs captured on slow shutter camera is, bugs would generate a flying rod phenomenon with a zigzag- edged appearance due to the action of flapping wings. In contrast, a ghost supercharged orb would generate a straight rod-like phenomenon without a zigzag-edged appearance known as vortex, as described by the paranormal researcher’s community.

Ghost vortex is a ghost manifestation in a solid stick-like form, but without a zig-zagged visual appearance.

Therefore, in this case, the contrail characteristic cannot be used as reference to differentiate spirit existence and anomalies that are related to bugs and the environmental weather phenomenon. Similarly, the same phenomena also happens for the digital or film cameras. Hence, since spirits and anomalies that are related to the environment produce the same result such as contrails due to camera setting, therefore we need to have deeper understanding on the appearance of spirits and anomalies that are related to the environment.

Neither spirit nor anomaly related to the environment is governed by certain forces. Living creatures including spirits of the dead are governed by their intelligence that becomes the source of their decision-making that governs how they choose to travel, whether at a slow, medium or high speed.

Therefore, an insect’s action is governed by its intelligence, in that it flies very fast while flapping its wings that will produce a contrail that can be seen as a long light strike similar to a ghost supercharged orb, but which posesses a zigzag edge appearance, due to the action of flapping wings.

ghost orb in motion contrail
Ghost orb in motion leaves behind ripples of contrail.

However, as for ghosts, their action is governed by intelligence related to logic and emotion. Furthermore, the basic ghost appearance would be in the form of an orb—a spherical light phenomenon captured on film that is seen without a prominent demarcated outer ring. Hence, when this basic energy appears in motion and captured on slow shutter camera, it will be seen to create ripples of motion. Furthermore, when the same energy travels faster than a normal motion, it will create a long contrail without ripples known as vortex—a solid light energy printed on film without a zigzagged effect. In addition, when the ghost energy travels super-fast, its motion will create another state of visual appearance known as ghost supercharged orb that will be seen as a strike of light phenomenon with a super bright light.

ghost contrail in supercharger orb
Ghost supercharged orb is a strike of light phenomenon with a super bright light.

Hence, the appearance characteristics such as zigzag appearance is the most significant basic signature that will differentiate between ghost energy and those of bugs that are both governed by its intelligence travelling at a high speed – producing contrails.

Meanwhile, non-living things such as dust, water droplets and so on are governed by natural forces such as the wind that can be seen as having similar results such as contrails. Therefore, short contrails tell us that the anomaly has no intelligence as it is governed by natural forces, while long contrails tell us that the anomaly, whether living creatures such insects or spirits of the dead, have its own intelligence that governs how it chooses to travel. Therefore, not all long contrail phenomena are ghosts related, and neither all long contrail phenomena are environmental related.

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