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Malaysian Ghost Research: About Us
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Malaysian Ghost Research: Our Copyright Materials.
Malaysian Ghost Research: Our Copyright Materials.
General Guide In Ghost and Paranormal Research.
Malaysian Ghost Research's Paranormal and Ghost Research Standards and Protocols.
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ghost-video 44 pages
Research Findings: Collections of Ghost Videos
An EVP that says thank you after a paranormal investigation.
An EVP of a scary girl distinct laugh.
An amazing people shadow in a cemetery.
An amazing Indian cemetery of a ghost vortex.
A spirit searching for Augustine.
Cemetery ghost energy in mysterious cloud mist.
Dragon vortex.
EVP of a female spirit that says hello.
Evps of spirits searching for Agus.
Ghost Etheric body the humanoid figure.
Ghost in cloud form poses with humanoid characteristic.
Ghost supercharged orbs transform into humanoid characteristic.
Great ghost orb in motion travelling in the air.
Great orb in motion leaving contrails behind.
Ghost energy floating in the air for 2 seconds.
Ghost On Fire Caught on Hand Phone.
Ghost running fast at the shopping mall.
Harvard animal spirit.
Humanoid vortex jump down to the ground.
Mysterious Dark Shadow and EVP of a Stern Voice of command.
Mysterious figure in motion.
Mysterious cemetery candle-like light and amazing ghost ecto ball.
Mysterious bones fish-like spirit energy.
Mysterious dark figure caught on hand phone.
Possible Vehicles From the Duplicate World.
Railway track full body ghost apparition.
Returning ghost and stop a while in the air.
Spirit appeared 10 times in Titi Hayun most haunted spot.
Spirit energy floats still on air discharged itself and disappear.
Spirit of the jungle in front of a camera video.
Spirit in humanoid-like ecto cloud walks in front of the video camera.
Spirit says wake him up.
Singkir humanoid shadow.
Spirit's nature of Singkir jungle revisited.
Spirit appearance in dark shadow.
The most mysterious of spirit's appearance.
Titi Hayun the floating ghost energy.
The Haunted School Toilet.
The jumping and running spirit at the public school ground.
Titi Hayun's prominent spirit energy going upwards.
The spirit metaphysics of Singkir's jungle.
Two Spirits Talks to Each Other in Mysterious Language.
Vibrant Spirit Energy.
ghost-photo 223 pages
The Best Ghost and Paranormal Photos.
Best of the best paranormal video images.
The Best Ghost and Paranormal Photos 2007-2014
Paranormal and ghost photos' library 1.
Abandoned teacher's quarters ghost orb in motion.
Apparition of a man among women.
Apparition of a mysterious blue face.
Abandoned hospital quarters of floating ghost ecto ball.
Abandoned hospital quarters' ghost ecto ball.
Abandoned cemetery of ghost ecto ball.
Brilliant ghost supercharged orb.
Bukit Hijau mysterious camp participants.
Bukit Hijau overlapping dimension of mysterious faces.
Bright light ghost energy pattern of Jubli Park.
Beluran open field ghost ecto ball.
Energy pattern generated by ghost energy.
Elephant's spirit.
Full face ghost apparition.
Floating ghost ecto ball.
Gurun Chinese cemetery ghost vortexes.
Ghost ecto ball.
Ghost orb emitting energy.
Ghost orb being expanded.
Glowing Sarawak ghost orb.
Ghost orb discharging energy.
Harvard spirit energy pattern
Hendersonville overlapping dimension.
Indian cemetery ghost ecto ball.
Jubli park full body ghost apparition.
Jubli park the mysterious ghost energy.
Jeniang ghost fireball.
Jubli park reindeer multiples ghost orbs.
Jubli park glowing ghost orb.
Khir Johari ghost orb in motion.
Kota kinabalu dimensional shift.
Lady ghost apparition captured on handphone.
The Mysterious Ghost Face.
Mysterious face captured from Langkawi Underwater World.
Mysterious passenger.
Miri mysterious woman apparition.
Mysterious baby and greenish fingers apparitions.
Modenas signboard ghost apparitions.
Mysterious figures of SMK Gurun.
Mysterious blue-orange ghost orbs.
Monkey's spirit.
Non existence thing being highlighted by a transparent orb.
Old Chinese Cemetery full body ghost apparition.
Abandoned cemetery of ghost ecto ball.
Out of focus ghost orb from an abandoned hospital quarters.
Open filed glowing ghost orb.
Open field ghost ecto ball.
Public park glowig ghost orb
Public park multiple ghost energy patterns.
Pelantong ghost orb radiating red energy.
Possible portal opening.
Perak ghost orb radiating yellow orange energy.
Possible spirit of a dog.
Singkir ghost supercharged orbs and vortexes.
School spirit discharge energy in the air.
School ghost orb in motion.
Spirit energy in the form of ghost ecto ball.
Singkir ghost appearance configurations.
Smk Gurun ghost supercharged orbs.
Smk Gurun multiple ghost apparitions during fasting month.
Smk Gurun mysterious white figure standing on staircase.
Smk Gurun apparition of mysterious bald man.
School badge turn into a mysterious face.
Sungai Layar cemetery of unknown floating anomalies.
Sungai Petani The Bodiless Feet.
Sandakan dimensional shift.
Sungai Layar cemetery colourful ghost supercharged orbs.
The spherical ghost orb.
Singkir ghost orbs and ecto balls.
The reality of one possible duplicate.
The transparent body and the bodiless legs.
Telupid overlapping face.
The spirit of orang utan.
Abandoned hospital quarters ghost orb.
Arwin's ghost ecto ball.
Amazing daytime ghost vortex.
Appearance spirit of the Jungle.
Cemetery ghost orb in motion.
Colourful christian cemetery ghost supercharged orbs.
Chinese's cemetery ghost ecto ball.
Chinese cemetery mysterious ghost meeting lights.
Cemetery floating ghost energy.
Confirgurations of school spirit appearance.
Chinese cemetery the great ghost vortex.
Energy force manifestation from Ankhesenamun tomb of Egypt.
Floating ghost orb and ghost ecto ball.
Ghost orbs from a public park in Sungai Petani.
Ghost manifestation through steam of a steam boat.
Green ghost energy.
Ghost ecto ball of an abandoned teacher's quarters.
Ghost manifestation in the form of ecto mist.
Ghost energy of an Abandoned Cemetery.
Ghost energy patterns collections of a historical site.
Green ghost supercharged orb with mysterious face.
Ghost supercharged captured without flash.
Gurun ghost orb emitting its own light soruce.
Glowing ghost orb from public park in Sungai Petani.
Gurun Chinese cemetery ghost ecto.
Ghost energy captured under infrared camera.
Historical site's spirit energy pattern.
Indian cemetery ghost orb in motion.
Indian cemetery no flash ghost energy.
Jeniang ghost supercharged orbs.
Jitra day time ghost energy.
Khir Johari ghost orb.
Kuala Lumpur spirit energy in mist form.
Kota Kinabalu mysterious ghost energy.
Memanjang River ghost orb in motion.
Mysterious spirit energy.
Mysterious car from the parallel dimension.
Mysterious pink white ghost energy.
Mysterious lights within the dark cemetery.
Old photo of ghost orb in motion.
Public park collections of ghost energy patterns.
Public park glowing ghost orb in motion.
Public park glowing spirit energy.
Public park multiples glowing ghost ecto balls.
Public park stone chair glowing ghost orb.
Pelantong christmas carol ghost ecto.
Phases of ghost appearance.
SMK Gurun ghost energy patterns.
Singkir collections of ghost energy patterns.
School Spirit discharging energy.
Sahara Hall's glowing ghost orb.
Spirit appearance in the form of green light energy.
Singkir ghost vortex.
Spirit energy in the operating room.
Cemetery floating ghost energy.
Spirit in the form of ecto mist.
The string of vortex energy.
The amazing ghost ecto.
The ghost energy manipulations.
Titi Hayun ghost energy in human ecto cloud form.
The Best Proof of Human Spirit.
Titi Hayun Multiple Spirit Energy Patterns.
The appearance of ghost in ecto ball.
Tiong Garden collection of railway track spirit energy.
The best collections of historical site ghost energy patterns.
The greatest ghost orb in motion.
The lake site ghost energy.
The best ghost cemetery appearance in humanoid form.
Titi Hayun spirit appearance in humanoid behaviourism.
The great ghost ecto cloud.
The best ghost ecto from Titi Hayun.
The best collection of Gurun ghost energy patterns.
Taman Tiong amazing ghost energy.
Titi Hayun the most prominent of spirit appearance.
Titi Hayun ghost energy patterns.
The configurations phases of spirit energy patterns.
Taman Tiong ghost ecto cloud in humanoid characteristic.
Unique appearances of spiritual energy.
Wedding ghost energy.
Yan ghost etheric energy.
Abandoned house collections of ghost energy patterns.
Beluran ghost orb in motion.
Beluran ghost supercharged orb.
Bukit Gantang tunnel mystery.
Church ghost orb in motion.
Chinese cemetery ghost energy patterns.
Cemetery ghost supercharged orb.
Car ghost ecto ball.
Daytime ghost vortex.
Expanding ghost energy.
Ghost supercharged orb captured on CCTV.
Ghost supercharged orb and vortex.
Ghost supercharged orb burst in the air.
Gurun Chinese cemetery vortexes.
Glowing ghost orbs of Taman Lapangan Indah abandoned houses.
Ghost orb and ghost orb in motion.
Ghost orb that radiating its own energy source.
Ghost ecto ball floating over a grave.
Home and Ghost Existence.
House ghost orb.
Indian cemetery ghost supercharged orbs.
Indian cemetery ghost orb being expand.
Jungle scene of Casper's friend in action.
Jubli park ecto balls.
Jubli park rounded ghost ecto ball.
Jubli park ghost orb.
Kellie's Castle spirit energy.
Multi configurations of spirit energy patterns.
Mangrove day time ghost orb in motion.
Limuan glowing ghost ecto ball.
Mysterious candle light in dark cemetery.
Multiple public park glowing ghost ecto balls.
Multiple ghost orbs from Jubli Park of Sungai Petani.
Mysterious anomalies from a school ruin.
Night visitors of a public park.
Northern Virginia ghost ecto.
Pelantong open field ghost supercharged orb.
A public school ghost supercharged orb.
Pelantong ghost orb in motion.
Pelantong multiple glowing ghost orbs.
Public park ghost orbs.
Public park twilight visitors.
Public park ghost ecto balls.
Private oil plantation ghost ecto ball.
Play ground ghost orb.
Public park ghost orb in motion.
Public park rushing ghost orb.
Pelantong yellow ghost energy.
Quarry ghost energy.
Rampek ghost ecto ball.
Rampek multi-type spirit energy patterns.
Rampek mysterious palm like anomaly generated by spirit.
Rampek mysterious palm like anomaly generated by spirit.
Rampek mysterious energ generated by spirit.
Rampek glowing grave stone.
Sonsong Island ghost orb in motion.
Sarawak mysterious red energy.
Singkir ecto cloud-like ghost energy pattern.
Singkir jungle ghost ecto ball.
Smk Gurun ghost orb in motion.
Stone benches ghost orb.
The non-human spirit energy.
The Vortexes of Ghost Energy
Titi Hayun collections of ghost orb in motion.
Twilight glowing ghost orb.
Undated gost vortex.
evp-the-ghost-voices 63 pages
Electronic Voice Phenomena the ghost voices.
Mysterious voices of an abandoned house.
Talking with the dead in an abandoned house.
A living at the high dimension.
A spirit ask me to wait a while.
An abandoned house that sill alive.
EVPs recorded during geomagnetic storm.
End year 2006 ghost voices.
Existence of the past dimension.
Emotional burden after death.
Does spirit poses with sense of people relationship's awareness?
Daytime spirits visit.
Does spirits turn up during ghost research if they are invited?
Direct communication with spirits.
Ghost voices from no man land Investigation.
Ghost voices of Pelantong bus stop.
Greetings from the parallel world.
Human spirit engaged relationship with others at the higher dimension.
How do we actually communicates with the spirit?
Inner self the proof of the duplicate concept.
Kido's voices in a public park.
Life in the spirit world.
Life afterlife activity.
Life at the higher dimension.
Life goes on even after we shade our physical body.
Mysterious EVP beyond the grave.
Parallel world accident.
Parallel dimension and the mystery of Piojuster solved.
Spirits who lives exactly like us.
A spirit wanted to assist us.
Spirit continue their living in spirit's world.
Spirit retains their personality.
Spirit Says Hello.
Spirit voices within a private home recognises the living.
Spirit retained their human qualities.
Spirits who lives exactly like us.
Spirit also needs a loving care.
Spirit committed tried their best to help us.
Spirit invited me to come up in the house.
Spirit of the dead conducting field research.
Spirit life and time concept.
Spirit retained their intelligence.
Spirits do loves to be involved in a paranormal investigation.
Spirits loves to be involved with the living conversation.
Spirits recognize us and aware of what we were doing.
Spirit's who live just like before.
Spirits with their characteristics.
Spirit who converse in Japanese language.
Spirit going home by car after visit.
Spirit says don't talk during a paranormal investigation.
The dead are alive.
The reflections of life at the higher dimension.
The living relationship with the spirit world.
The mystery of spirit who come from far.
The spirits of friends and relatives.
The parallel world citizen's culture.
Titi Hayun the ancient spirits kingdom.
Visitors from the other side.
Visiting Spirit from the parallel world.
What happen if the living asleep during spirits' visit.
What the spirits do in the other side?
Why spirit sometimes irritated by the living comment.
What does the spirits comments about War Museum Penang?
paranormal-talks 2 pages
Paranormal Talks Video
Parallel Universes in a Simple Empirical Evidence.
ghostly-video-environmental-related-phenomena 4 pages
Video references for paranormal and ghost research evaluations.
A supercharged orb generated by an insect.
Bat's ghostly appearance under slow shutter video.
The difference between matters and energy forces manifestation.
paranormal-library-and-references 52 pages
Library and references for paranormal images evaluations.
A moth distinct shape captured on video.
Animal Eyes Reflections.
Example of Bat Captured on Digital Photo.
Cloud of water droplets.
Camera Flaws.
Characteristics of a Tiny Dust Orb from dusty environment.
Day time ghostly images generated from a spider webs.
Dust orb from woods environment.
Example of dress captured too close to a camera lens.
Example of a bigger insect recorded on slow shutter video recording.
Example of a camera's strap.
Example of an insect captured on digital camera.
Example of ghostly insect captured on video.
Fake Ghost Photo of Ulu Yam.
Fake Full Body Ghost Apparition.
Fake Genting 'Ghost Apparition'.
Ghostly flying crane.
Ghostly Rain Orbs.
Ghostly Tiny Insect Recorded on Video.
Ghostly Images Generated by a bigger size insects.
Ghostly images related to a slower flying and bigger insects.
Ghostly images related to flying insects.
Ghostly insect captured on digital camera.
Ghostly Spider.
Green dust orb generated from home green carpet.
How a spider web generates a ghostly image at night.
Insect Vortex.
Insect's distinct shaped recorded on video.
Insect Swirl.
Lens Flare on Video Recording.
Moisture Captured on Digital Camera.
Mosquito's signature from camera view point.
Mosquito signature on video recording.
Multiple dust orbs.
New issue on new generation of digital camera.
Orbs with face.
Orb generated by digital camera's lens flare.
Orbs generated by adverse weather conditions.
Orbs generated by adverse weather conditions.
Orbs generated by adverse weather conditions.
 Photos caused by long exposed and camera shake.
Rain Drizzles Accumulated on Lens Filter.
Reflections from a signboard.
Rare Air bone dust orb.
Supercharged generated by insect motion.
Smoke mistaken as ectoplasm.
The prominent insects' signature.
The basic signature of a flying insect.
The basic signature of flying moth.
The mosquito's signatures on slow shutter video.
Water vapour.
articles 47 pages
Malaysian Ghost Research Articles.
Magnifying the mystery of spirit existence.
Bugs, light and the paranormal from the scientific perspective.
The new  and the full moon phase, doest it really have impact on ghost hunting?
paranormal and ghost research investigation methodology.
Does life continue after the death of the physical body?
The Best Time For Ghost Hunting.
Capturing parallel world on film.
Characteristics of non-ghost orbs related to weather patterns.
Does the ghost and the spirit world really exist?
Dreams a door way to the future dimensions.
Emotional burden: Does it exist beyond the physic mind?
Evaluating paranormal photo related to the parallel dimensions.
Future dimension: Changing the future with dimensional phase displacement.
Ghosts from the perspective of quantum reality.
Ghost orb Versus Environmental Dust Orb.
How does the Parallel world existence phenomenon overlaps on film?
Logical thinking and the continuation of the spiritual Intelligence that survive death.
Malaysian Ghost Research's Paranormal Investigation Achievement Rating Standard - PiARS.
Mastering the paranormal evaluations and growing spiritually through difficulties in life.
Parallel Universes in a simple empirical piece of evidence.
Proof of life the afterlife: the scientific evidence.
Parallel Dimension: Do it Really Exist?
Spirit dimension: Our mind in search for logical explanations.
Spiritual developments today for the soul comfort in the afterlife.
Survival instinct versus universal survival: Dealing with nature forces.
The ghost Etheric body: What is it?
The Mystery beyond grave and the simplest evidence of the parallel universes reality.
The basis to alter the future reality.
The emotional burden's negative impact on one spiritual progress.
The energy forces existence and its influence towards one spiritual progress.
The Impact of Positive Thinking and visualization on Paranormal Investigation.
 The Importance of Awareness and the basic charateristics of an orb dust.
The key to success in documenting spirit existence.
The key to understand the existence of the parallel dimension.
The Life Force, Meditation and Quantum Touch.
The logical thinking, the Mind, the Body and the Soul concept in paranormal research.
The magic touch of love and kindness in ghost hunting.
The psychology of the dead, our existence, fear and dealing with ghost pranks.
The true portrait of ghost.
Unlocking Mystery beyond the Voices of the Dead.
Malaysian Ghost Research Article: Understanding paranormal events.
Understanding The Existence Of Spirit Realm.
Understanding the multitudes of spirit energy patterns.
Understanding the needs of respect and reverence for the dead during ghost field investigations.
Universal love in one spiritual life progress.
Unlocking The Mystery Of Parallel Universes.
journal-images 1 page
Malaysian Ghost Research Journal.
files 1 page
newspaper-release-files 3 pages
scientific-evidence 2 pages
Malaysian Ghost Research Scientifice Evidence: Proof of Life After Death
Malaysian Ghost Research: Scientific Evidence Life After Death