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2009 19 pages
Ghost Energy Configurations.
Malaysian Ghost Research Video Gallery 2009: Chinese Cemetery Supercharged Orb.
Malaysian Ghost Research Video Gallery 2009: Red Orb In Motion Video
2008 15 pages
The Jump And Running Spirit
Malaysian Ghost Research Best Ghost Video: Prominent Spirit Energy.
Country Cemetery Spirit in Mist Form.
Malaysian Ghost Research Best Ghost Video: Great human-like ecto cloud.
Malaysian Ghost Research Best Ghost Video: The spirit wanted me to be awake.
Malaysian Ghost Research Video: Spirit Shadow of Tiong Garden
Malaysian Ghost Research Video Gallery 2008: Spirit Vortex and a Supercharged orb energy
Malaysian Ghost Research Video Gallery 2008: Mysterious EVP that Says 'Cikgu' Captured on video.
Malaysian Ghost Research Video: A spirit searching for Augustine.
Evps of spirits searching for Agus.
Supercharged orb and discharging spirit energy.
Malaysian Ghost Research Video: Vibrant spirit energy.
Malaysian Ghost Research Video:Tiong Garden Supercharged Orb Energy.
Spirit appears in mist energy
Malaysian Ghost Research Video: Spirit in the form of a supercharged orb
evp-the-ghost-voices 1 page
Electronic Voice Phenomena - EVP the ghost voices.
2006 16 pages
EVP Ghost Voices Collections of 2006
The parallel world accident.
The end year 2006 ghost voices.
The ghost voices of Pelantong bus stop.
Human spirit engaged relationship with others at the higher dimension.
Life in the spirit world.
Spirit continue their living in spirit's world.
The dead are alive.
EVPs recorded during geomagnetic storm.
Spirit Says Hello.
Kido's voices in a public park.
The mysterious EVP beyond the grave.
A spirit wanted to assist us.
Spirit retains their personality.
Ghost voices from no man land Investigation.
Spirit voices within a private home recognises the living.
2007 38 pages
Malaysian Ghost Research Electronic Voice Phenomena Research Findings 2007
Spirit tells of their emotional burden.
Existence of the past dimension.
Voice from my own duplicate - Inner soul.
A spirit ask me to wait a while.
The truth of the spirit's world.
Spirit from the spirit world do visit us.
EVP Research Findings: Spirit's who live just like before.
Visitors from the spirit world.
The life extension the afterlife.
Spirit invited me to come up in the house
Spirits with their characteristics.
The spirits of friend and relative.
Proof of spirit retained human qualities.
Spirit retained their human qualities.
Life afterlife activity.
Why spirit sometimes irritated by the living' comments.
Spirit who converse in Japanese language.
Spirit of the dead conducting field research.
Proof of the duplicate concept.
Spirit retained their intelligence.
Parallel Dimension and Piojuster's mystery resolved.
How do  we actually communicates with the spirit.
Spirit committed tried their best to help us.
Visitors from the parallel world.
Life goes on even after we shade our physical body.
Life at the higher dimension.
The living spirits and the parallel world's citizens.
The dead who visit us.
EVP Research Finding: A living at the high dimension.
Proof of spirits who lives exactly like us.
The mystery: spirits who comes from a far.
Living at the higher dimension.
Spirits loves to be involve with the living conversation.
The spirit also needs a loving care.
Spirits do loves to be involved in a paranormal investigation.
Greetings from the parallel world.
Spirits recognize us and aware of what we were doing.
2008 8 pages
EVP ghost voices collections of 2008
Visiting Spirit from the parallel world.
Mysterious EVP from a Cemetery.
The parallel world citizen's culture.
EVPs During A Railway Track Paranormal Investigation
Parallel world's citizens day time visit.
The World War 2 Museum's EVPs
Spirit's great assistant in a paranormal investigation
2009 2 pages
Malaysian Ghost Research Electronic Voice Phenomena 2009
Malaysian Ghost Research EVP Research Findings Year 2008: The visiting Spirit 2
2010 2 pages
EVP ghost voices collections of 2010
First Time One Way Spirit Communication in 2010.
scientific-evidence 2 pages
Malaysian Ghost Research: Scientific Evidence Life After Death
Malaysian Ghost Research Scientifice Evidence: Proof of Life After Death
journal 3 pages
Malaysian Ghost Research Journal › Registration Form
Malaysian Ghost Research Journal › Log In
Malaysian Ghost Research Journal › Lost Password
cctv-black-ghost-ecto-ball 1 page
CCTV Black Ghost Ecto Ball.
the-non-human-spirit 1 page
Ghost of the non-human.
kg-raga-ghost-ecto-mist 1 page
Kg. Raga Ghost Ecto Mist.
mysterious-face-on-rock 1 page
Mysterious 'face' on rock.
the-ghost-etheric-body 1 page
The ghost Etheric body.
how-to-differentiate-ghost-orb-and-dust-orb 1 page
How to differentiate ghost orb and dust orb?
where-is-the-best-place-to-conduct-paranormal-investigation 1 page
Where is the best place to conduct paranormal investigation?
how-do-i-know-when-i-need-a-ghostbusters-or-vacuum-cleaner 1 page
How do I know when I need a Ghostbusters or vacuum cleaner?
what-does-the-%e2%80%98dark-side%e2%80%99-terminology-means-in-ghost-orb-existence 1 page
What does the ‘dark side’ terminology means in ghost orb existence?
example-of-orb-dusts-captured-on-video 1 page
Example of orb dusts captured on video. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
what-is-behind-the-ghost-appearance 1 page
What is behind the ghost appearance?
what-exactly-lies-beyond-the-voices-of-the-dead 1 page
What exactly lies beyond the voices of the dead?
why-some-of-the-orb-dusts-have-eyes-nose-or-face 1 page
Why some of the orb dusts have eyes, nose or face?
the-impact-of-no-proper-standards-and-protocols-in-paranormal-research 1 page
The impact of no proper standards and protocols in paranormal research.
what-is-a-ghost-and-why-it%e2%80%99s-so-different-from-a-soul 1 page
What is a ghost and why it’s so different from a soul?
do-really-a-ghost-can-walk-through-a-closed-door-and-walls 1 page
Do really a ghost can walk through a closed door and walls?
parallel-dimension%e2%80%99s-evidence-revisited 1 page
Parallel Dimension’s evidence revisited.
how-to-differentiate-ghost-energy-from-those-of-insect 1 page
How to differentiate ghost energy from those of insect?
if-spirits-really-do-exist-why-we-cant-see-them 1 page
If spirits really do exist, why we can't see them?
do-a-ghost-able-to-hurt-one-physically 1 page
Do a ghost able to hurt one physically? : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
does-angel-really-exist 1 page
Does Angel really exist?
how-a-ghost-is-looks-like 1 page
How is a ghost looks like?
why-we-need-a-positive-mind-during-paranormal-investigation 1 page
Why we need a positive mind during paranormal investigation?
how-do-we-know-if-someone-gifted-in-paranormal-research 1 page
How do we know if someone gifted in paranormal research?
are-ghostsspirits-allowed-to-communicate-with-humans 1 page
Are ghosts/spirits allowed to communicate with humans?
are-ghosts-earthbound-forever 1 page
Are ghosts earthbound forever?
what-are-the-explanations-of-an-anomaly-contrail-appearance 1 page
What are the explanations of an anomaly contrail appearance?
spirit-that-says-saya-nampak 1 page
Spirit that says "Saya nampak..."
do-we-able-to-detect-ghost-presence-without-a-gadget-and-how 1 page
Do we able to detect ghost presence without a gadget and how?
why-we-could-not-communicate-with-the-spirit-directly 1 page
Why we could not communicate with the spirit directly?
revisiting-the-living-energy-forces-existence 1 page
Revisiting the living energy forces existence.
the-importance-of-mind-control-in-paranormal-investigations 1 page
The importance of mind control in paranormal investigations.
the-life-review-at-the-age-of-42 1 page
The Life Review At The Age of 42.
the-justification-of-ghost-existence 1 page
The justification of ghost existence.
a-perfect-learning-in-lost-mind-control-focus-and-contact-with-the-spirit 1 page
A perfect learning in lost mind control, focus and contact with the spirit.
justification-on-the-unexplainable-spirit-appearances-does-bugs-detect-and-attracted-to-infrared-light-from-the-non-blood-supplier 1 page
Justification on the unexplainable spirit appearances: Does bugs detect and attracted to infrared light from the non-blood supplier?
why-respect-and-kindness-for-the-dead-implementations-and-implications-on-the-paranormal-and-ghost-research 1 page
Why respect and kindness for the dead?
is-death-the-end-of-life 1 page
Is death the end of life?
the-impact-of-over-grown-weeds-on-ghost-hunting 1 page
The impact of over grown weeds on ghost hunting.
welcome-to-malaysian-ghost-research-journa 1 page
Welcome to Malaysian Ghost Research Journal.
the-ghost-energy-vs-insect 1 page
The Ghost Energy Vs Insect. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
mysterious-figure-did-you-says-good-bye 1 page
Mysterious Figure – Did you says good bye? : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
we-have-no-power-over-ghost-freewill 1 page
We have no power over ghost freewill. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
the-secret-of-the-best-time-for-ghost-hunting 1 page
The secret of the best time for ghost hunting.
the-law-of-attraction-impact-on-ghost-hunting 1 page
The law of attraction impact on ghost hunting.
the-oldest-cemetery-the-better 1 page
The oldest cemetery the better. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
the-right-time-and-place-of-paranormal-investigation 1 page
The right time and place of paranormal investigation. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
paranormal-investigation-report-r02042009 1 page
Do weather has impact on ghost hunting? : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
titi-hayun-the-ghost-portal 1 page
Titi Hayun the ghost portal. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
technical-errors-impact-on-ghost-hunting 1 page
Technical error's impact on ghost hunting.
lost-in-the-parallel-world 1 page
Lost in The Parallel World. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
the-miracle-gods-hand-in-the-sky 1 page
The Miracle? God's hand in the sky?
the-unseen-spirit-kingdom 1 page
The unseen spirit's kingdom.
the-ghost-natural-existence 1 page
The Ghost Natural Existence.
its-really-ghost-has-mono-appearance 1 page
Beyond The Truth of Ghost Appearance.
ghost-energy-pattern-beyond-ghost-existence 1 page
The Ghost Energy Patterns.
the-lost-fact-that-brings-enlightenment 1 page
The Lost Fact that brings Enlightenment.
ghost-that-is-within-the-energy-spectrum 1 page
Ghost That Is Within The Energy Spectrum.
why-do-we-scared-of-ghost 1 page
Why Do We Scared of Ghost?
impact-of-uncomfortable-feelings-on-paranormal-research 1 page
Impact of uncomfortable feelings on paranormal research.
ghosts-are-anywhere-and-everywhere 1 page
Ghosts are anywhere and everywhere.
impact-a-huge-group-of-investigators-in-paranormal-research 1 page
Impact a huge group of investigators in paranormal research.
happy-new-year-2010 1 page
Happy New Year 2010. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
engineering-the-future 1 page
Engineering The Future.
what-is-the-difference-between-the-spirit-dimension-and-the-physical-dimension 1 page
What is the difference between the spirit dimension and the physical dimension?
the-voices-of-the-dead-proof-that-they-are-alive 1 page
The voices of the dead proof that they are alive.
the-mystery-of-the-dead-return-home-on-foot 1 page
Mystery of Deceased Person Walks Home.
mysterious-fish-like-charges 1 page
Mysterious Fish-Like Charges.
the-mystery-of-tibetans-sky-burial 1 page
The Mystery of Tibetan's Sky Burial.
mysterious-creature-knock-and-the-door-will-open-and-search-and-you-will-find 1 page
A doorway to Personal Spiritual Progress.
the-great-ecto-ball 1 page
The Great Ecto Ball.
the-voices-of-the-dead-two-spirits-talking-each-other 1 page
The Voices of The Dead: Two spirits talking Each Other.
the-etheric-body 1 page
The Rising Spirit.
the-greatest-spirits-appearance 1 page
Spirit In The Form Of Shadow.
bluring-video-with-strange-sound 1 page
Bluring Video With Strange Sound.
cemetery-charged-mist-energy 1 page
Cemetery Charged Mist Energy.
the-great-ghost-orb-in-motion 1 page
The Great Ghost Orb In Motion.
singkir-the-great-human-shadow 1 page
Singkir The Great Human Shadow.
mysterious-flying-anomaly 1 page
Mysterious Flying Anomaly.
indian-cemetery-great-vortex 1 page
Indian Cemetery Great Vortex.
opportunities-to-learn-about-astral-projection 1 page
Astral Projection. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
the-parallel-universes-is-it-real-or-just-an-imagination 1 page
The Parallel Universes is it real or just an imagination?
the-spirits-voices 1 page
The Spirit's Voices.
a-spirit-walks-infront-of-the-video-camera 1 page
A Spirit Walks Infront of The Video Camera.
cemetery-spirit-in-mist-form 1 page
Cemetery Spirit in Mist Form.
prominent-ghost-energy 1 page
Prominent Ghost Energy.
harvard-animals-spirit 1 page
Harvard Animal's Spirit.
apparition-of-a-transparent-ghost 1 page
Apparition of a Transparent Ghost.
mysterious-figure-in-motion 1 page
Mysterious Figure in Motion.
the-truth-of-spirits-appearance 1 page
The Truth of Spirit's Appearance.
exploring-the-haunted-bungalow 1 page
Exploring The Haunted Bungalow.
the-railway-track-flashing-human-shadow 1 page
The Railway Track Flashing Human Shadow.
the-truth-of-spirit-energy-vs-insect 1 page
The Truth of Spirit Energy Vs Insect.
an-evp-of-a-girl-distinct-laugh 1 page
An EVP of a Girl Distinct Laugh.
cahaya-misteri-dan-ecto-ball 1 page
Cahaya Misteri dan Ecto Ball.
mysterious-dark-shadow-and-evps 1 page
Mysterious Dark Shadow and EVPs.
singkir-caspers-friend-in-action 1 page
Singkir Casper's Friend In Action.
great-evp-from-a-woman-that-says-hello 1 page
Great EVP From A Woman That Says ' Hello'.
chinese-cemetery-human-shadow 1 page
Chinese Cemetery Human Shadow
oh-no-my-home-is-haunted-and-it-must-be-the-demon 1 page
Oh no! my home is haunted and it must be the demon.
the-spirit-of-the-jungle 1 page
The Spirit of The Jungle.
ghost-of-the-jungle 1 page
Ghost of The Jungle.
the-haunted-school-toilet 1 page
The Haunted School Toilet.
the-floating-ghost-energy 1 page
The Floating Ghost Energy.
chinese-cemetery-investigation-where-and-thank-you 1 page
Chinese Cemetery investigation,where and thank you.
ghost-cloud-in-humanoid-characteristics 1 page
Ghost cloud in humanoid characteristics.
ghost-energy-patterns-the-best-proof 1 page
Ghost energy patterns: the best proof.
the-etheric-body-2 1 page
The Etheric Body.
the-greatest-spirits-appearance-2 1 page
The greatest spirit's appearance.
chinese-cemetery-evp-that-says-thank-you 1 page
Chinese Cemetery Evp that says "Thank You"
decoding-the-parallel-worlds-busy-road-mystery 1 page
Decoding the Parallel World's 'busy road' mystery.
environmental-signature-on-the-paranormal-research 1 page
Environmental Signature In Paranormal Research.
is-it-true-that-ghosts-are-active-during-the-magical-hours 1 page
Is it true that ghosts are active during the magical hours?
abandoned-chinese-cemetery-ghost-in-dark-shadow 1 page
Abandoned Chinese Cemetery Ghost in Dark Shadow.
ghost-appears-in-dark-shadow 1 page
Ghost Appears in Dark Shadow. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
the-continuation-of-life-at-the-afterlife 1 page
The Continuation of Life at The Afterlife.
the-mystery-and-the-wonders-of-batu-kapal-at-gunung-jerai 1 page
The Mystery of 'Batu Kapal' at Gunung Jerai.
a-journey-that-makes-a-difference 1 page
A Journey That Makes a Difference.
energy-force-manifestation-from-takla-makan-desert 1 page
Energy Force Manifestation From Takla Makan Desert.
the-taroja-walking-corpse-revisited 1 page
The Taroja Walking Corpse Revisited.
titi-hayun-haunted-jungle-track 1 page
Titi Hayun the haunted jungle track.
the-life-extension-at-the-higher-dimension 1 page
The Life Extension at The Higher Dimension.
do-really-spirit-has-the-ability-to-attack-human-being 1 page
Do really spirit has the ability to attack human being?
beyond-the-unexplainable-of-ghost-appearance 1 page
Beyond The Unexplainable of Ghost Appearance.
the-journey-of-life-in-christmas-2010 1 page
The Journey of Life in Christmas 2010. : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
about-us 1 page
About Me : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
archieve 1 page
Archives : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
blog-entries 1 page
Blog Entries.
contact-us 1 page
Contact Us : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
guest-book 1 page
Guest Book : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
news-feeds 1 page
Facebook Feeds : Malaysian Ghost Research Journal
nature-exploration-and-traveling 3 pages
Nature Exploration and Traveling › Registration Form
Nature Exploration and Traveling › Log In
Nature Exploration and Traveling › Lost Password
yesterday-is-today-and-today-is-tomorrow 1 page
Yesterday is today and today is tomorrow.
the-mystery-of-life 1 page
The Mystery Of Life.
sunset-that-has-never-been-the-same 1 page
Sunset That Has Never Been the Same.
sunset-along-the-journey 1 page
Sunset along the journey.
surviving-in-the-wilderness 1 page
Surviving in the Wilderness.
sunset-at-the-beginning-of-twilight 1 page
Sunset at the beginning of twilight.
gunung-jerai-in-great-sunset 1 page
Gunung Jerai in Great Sunset.
the-basic-rules-of-survival 1 page
The Basic Rules of Survival.
the-natural-beauty-therapy-for-the-stressful-mind 1 page
The Natural Beauty Therapy for the Stressful Mind.
the-tree-therapy 1 page
The Tree Therapy.
rock-and-stream-therapy 1 page
Rock and Stream Therapy.
the-world-of-caterpillar 1 page
The World of Caterpillar.
life-truly-rough-in-the-wilderness 1 page
Life Truly Rough in the Wilderness.
the-cave-of-darkness-paradise 1 page
The Cave of Darkness Paradise.
sunset-and-one-life-progress 1 page
Sunset and one life progress.
freeze-in-time 1 page
Freeze in time.
the-nature%e2%80%99s-art 1 page
The Nature’s Art.
the-chameleons 1 page
The chameleons.
the-storm 1 page
The Storm.
beyond-nature-exploration 1 page
Beyond nature exploration.
people-expressions 1 page
People expression.
the-wonders-of-gunung-jerai 1 page
The wonders of Gunung Jerai.
the-world-longest-tree-top-walks-in-sedim-kulim 1 page
The world longest tree top walks in Sedim, Kulim.
the-beginning-of-a-new-fresh-life 1 page
The beginning of a new fresh life.
uniqueness-and-the-source-of-realizations 1 page
Uniqueness and the source of realizations.
the-beauty-in-life 1 page
The beauty in life.
stream-and-creeks-therapy-revisited 1 page
Stream and creeks therapy revisited.
the-sour-of-life 1 page
The sour of life.
the-journey-to-puteri-mandi-waterfalls 1 page
The journey to Puteri Mandi Waterfalls.
the-shadow-of-life 1 page
The shadow of life.
the-life-style-of-a-chameleon 1 page
The life style of a chameleon.
notes-of-a-journey-in-mangrove-forests 1 page
Notes of a Journey in mangrove forests.
the-wild-beautiful-butterfly-of-heaven 1 page
The wild beautiful butterfly of heaven.
magnifying-the-world-of-insects 1 page
Magnifying the world of insects.
the-nature-mind-therapy 1 page
The nature mind therapy.
being-unique-and-phase-of-life 1 page
Being unique and phase of life.
when-the-eyes-match-the-nature%e2%80%99s-beauty 1 page
When the eyes match the nature’s beauty.
the-rare-wild-of-olive-tree-skink 1 page
The rare wild of Olive Tree Skink.
a-rare-butterfly 1 page
A rare butterfly.
gunung-raya-langkawi 1 page
Gunung Raya, Langkawi.
the-uniqueness-of-life-from-the-nature-perception 1 page
The uniqueness of life from the nature perception.
langkawi-island-cable-car 1 page
Langkawi Island Cable Car.
unforgettable-memory-of-payar-island-snorkeling 1 page
Unforgettable memory of Payar Island snorkeling.
the-best-live-self-defenses-stunt-perfomance 1 page
The best live self defense's stunt performance.
living-under-cover 1 page
Living under cover.
underwater-world-langkawi 1 page
Underwater world Langkawi.
tanjung-rhu-beach-langkawi 1 page
Tanjung Rhu Beach, Langkawi.
just-forget-and-move-on%e2%80%a6 1 page
Just forget and move on…
the-mystery-of-life-2 1 page
The mystery of life.
the-unmentioned-wonders-at-pulau-payar 1 page
The unmentioned wonders at Pulau Payar.
kongkang-the-night-hunter 1 page
Kongkang the Night Hunter.
a-beautiful-and-unique-pattern-of-butterfly%e2%80%99s-wings 1 page
A beautiful and unique pattern of butterfly’s wings.
wonders-of-nature-in-purple 1 page
Wonders of nature in purple.
the-nature-photography 1 page
The nature photography.
mystery-the-nature-of-wonders 1 page
Mystery the nature of wonders.
the-gunung-jerai-landscape 1 page
The Gunung Jerai landscape.
the-silat-the-art-of-the-body 1 page
The Silat the art of the body.
believe-it-or-not-its-shaped-like-an-erect-penis 1 page
Believe it or not its shaped like an erect penis.
the-secrets-life-of-a-wild-spider 1 page
The secrets life of a wild spider.
pantai-merdeka 1 page
Pantai Merdeka.
ulu-legong-hot-spring-the-natural-for-skin-therapy 1 page
Ulu Legong Hot Spring the natural therapy for skin.
langkawi-legenda-park-%e2%80%93-monument-of-the-legends-and-myths 1 page
Langkawi Legenda Park – Monument of the legends and myths.
gunung-jerai-in-spectacular-moment 1 page
Gunung Jerai in spectacular moment.
nature-and-personel-realizations 1 page
Nature and personel realizations.
sunset-of-the-burning-sky 1 page
Sunset of the burning sky.
the-string-of-life-and-love 1 page
The string of life and love.
the-pattern-in-natures-art 1 page
The pattern in nature’s art.
the-confusing-signboard 1 page
The confusing Signboard.
a-school-ground-for-cows 1 page
A school ground for cows.
the-nature-way-of-life 1 page
The nature way of life.
the-life-of-the-wild-dragonfly 1 page
The life of the wild dragonfly.
nature-can-be-an-inspirations-in-arts 1 page
Nature can be an inspirations in arts.
georgetown-penang 1 page
Georgetown, Penang.
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