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What Is a Ghost and How Is It So Different From a Soul?

When we talk about a ghost, it simply generalises all spirits into a single term that we call “a ghost”. Therefore, a ghost actually is the continued essence, soul or spirit of a person after death, including animal spirits and other non-human life forms.

Hence, a person after death is labelled a ghost or soul or whatever term that we use to refer to the continuation of life into the afterlife, and whatever appearance that a person chooses to be recognised by the living, yet he or she is still the same person. Therefore, there is no difference between the ghost and the soul because both are the same, the continued essence of a person after a transition that we call the “death process”. Nonetheless, there are a few states of differences that a person has to go through upon death as Adrian P. Cooper the author of Our Ultimate Reality stresses—in that each one of us has multiple bodies along the continuum of life.

A mysterious white figure standing far behind, a soul trapped within the physical world…

Therefore, upon death, a person’s existence continues into another state of spirit existence called the “Etheric Body” or “Energy Body”, and this body is more subtle than the previous physical body. Most often, people who have passed on are still attracted firmly to the physical world for any reason, and have the ability to draw Ether energy, so that they can continue having the Etheric Body that enables them to stay on within the Etheric plane, which is located in-between the physical world and the Astral world.

Furthermore, while a deceased person is firmly attracted within the physical world, they continue to have the Etheric Body and the place where they attach themselves to, then become “haunted”. Hence, a ghost simply means a person who is still attracted to the physical world for certain reasons, and therefore can’t fully transit to the Astral World until they attain their personal realisations.

However, the soul is also a continued essence of a person after death that has fully transitted to the Astral World, and the full transition only happens when the energy ceases away from the Etheric Body. Yet, everything depends on the deceased person, as the process is truly based on personal realisation and freewill.

Nonetheless, in general, deceased persons can be at the state of being a ghost or soul, yet their existence is in the form of energy which is an electromagnet energy field that represents the existence of the person after death who retains  intelligences, emotions, attitudes and personality—and this is also includes animal spirits and other non-human life forms. Nevertheless, whatever terms that we use to refer to a ghost, they are the same—the evidence of life after life.

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