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Active ghost energy patterns

July 04th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

This ghost photos sent by Amy Raiola of Staten Island Paranormal Society

She said "I have 2 pictures that may possibly show parallel dimensions and was wondering if you could give me your opinion.

If you notice, there is only something odd in the photo around the Investigators legs.  Nothing else in the photo is "out of focus".  It is believed that a woman named Nicole hangs out in this area which was once a kitchen.  We first thought something was feeding off of Lisa and the electrical socket at the bottom of the wall.  Now I'm not sure.

This is the second photo taken at a different location.  Notice that the picture is clear except for the staircase.  What would make that happen?  Could it be a doorway to another dimension?  I should add that people have seen apparitions, the shower turns on and off for no reason and they have heard footsteps on these stairs.

The stairs are there in reality, but why do they appear out of focus?  It is the only spot in the photo that appears out of focus.  Witnesses who lived in that house say they would hear footsteps, like a woman's high heels on those stairs.  The showers in the building turned on for no reason.  Lights go on and off when no one is inside.  Many strange happenings!  Do you think it's possible that it could be a doorway to another dimension?"

My comments about this photo

July 04th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

In the first place, these photo have not captured an overlapping dimension or images of the parallel world but it does link to its citizens. This first photo suggests that the white reddish area that was feeding off is a kind of energy pattern  related to spirit existence. What is interesting is an active energy being formed.

My close examination on the second photo suggests that the photo did not capture an overlapping dimension, since no double image appeared. However, the photo has documented the presence of very active energy that radiates from the top of the stairs.

It is noticeable that on the top right hand side, there is the presence of a parallel linear yellowish orange light streak which becomes faded near the bottom of the stairs. Furthermore, the energy that is radiating is reflected at the left hand side of the stairs. The light streaks are not due to camera shake but because of the presence of the spirit energy. Therefore, the very active energy that is radiating on top of the stairs suggests that the place is haunted.

In my understanding, the activities of the citizens of the parallel worlds can be identified as that happening in  the parallel dimension if we only could hear someone bathing, and when we checked it out there was nothing, the bathroom floor dry and no water running. However, if in reality the bathroom floor became wet and the water was running then perhaps the activities of the citizens mentioned really took place in the physical world.

Nevertheless, if we treat these spirits which exist with kindness and respect, we will live without fear. Respect for the dead coupled with kindness and reverence do not only show our respect and acceptance towards the spirit, but the spirit in turn will also treat us the same way and will give us great success when we conduct paranormal investigations.

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