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Sandakan Overlapping dimension

July 04th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

These ghost photos were sent by Jerome of Beluran. According to him, these photos were taken in Sandakan, Sabah during his National Service programme.

My comments about these paranormal photos

July 04th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

At first glance these photos are not due to camera shake because there are no streaks, blurring and domestic light sources but this photos has captured the parallel dimension that overlaps  the physical world.

Close examination on the zoomed photo suggests that a dimensional shift is occurring. First of all, the actual person's image did not moving since his face did not become double. Furthermore, at the background of his head there were no light sources that produces reflections.

However, if you look closely at his left shoulder this zoomed photo shows the appearance of another shoulder of a person taller than the person mentioned. If one's claimed that the double image is his own shoulder is not logical since his shirt doest not become double except for his shoulder.

Furthermore, at the left side of the person's head there is a bright light which appears. Close examination suggest that the presence of the bright light here is actually energy that is supposed to be the head of the other image. However, since there is not enough energy therefore the forming of an apparition not completed or perhaps the camera shutter had captured only the apparition's process but not the end result.

Since science believes in the existence of the parallel worlds, therefore I believed the image which had appeared near the person's shoulder mentioned most probably was his own duplicate

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