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Titi Hayun ghost energy

November 12th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date : 29/10/2007 15:26

  • Location : Titi Hayun, Yan, Kedah.

This photo was captured during jungle trekking where I was the last person in the group. When we were about to trek along the stream, I had a sudden urge to snap a photo at this spot.

To my amazement, this photo has captured a mysterious light which I believed to be a ghost energy pattern. The first zoomed photo shows a mysterious energy that radiates its own energy. Interestingly, this anomaly has no particular shape that can be associated with insects.

Meanwhile, the second and the last zoomed photos each shows a streak of light which I also believe to be ghost energy. One might assume that this streak of light most probably represents a kind of spider web or a strand of the spider web.

However, both its position and its intensity which are uneven, in that some parts are thick while others are faded or disappear, are factors that go to explain that this anomaly is indeed energy.

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