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Historical site multi type ghost energy configurations.

October 19th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location:  Former army sentry post, Sungai Petani, Kedah.

  • Date: 04/10/2007 11:18pm

These images taken from  a sequence video recording believed to be have recorded spirit energy in the form of supercharged. It is noticeable that this anomaly capture nearer to a video yet the shape do not resemble to an insects distinct shape.

Furthermore, the video recording was captured using both infra red light and super night shot modes. The explanation is an insect have no intelligence flying in front of the video and return again and again as for insect comes because its attracted to a light.

Interestingly, this anomaly traverse at a high speed and discharged energy before disappear.

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Augustine Towonsing, CGR, CPI, CEVPR, PDP, CI ,CPC
Founder of Malaysian Ghost Research
Paranormal Investigator and Ghost Researcher, Reiki Master, 
Member of The International Ghost Hunters Society and The International Ghost Hunters Inner Circle Society.

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