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The mysterious figure appeared from the steam boat.


Ghost Manifestation Through Steam Of a Steam Boat

Date: 26/12/2011

Time : 11.22 am

Camera Maker : SAMSUNG

Camera Model : GT-S5360

F/Stop : f/2.8

Exposure Time: 1/8 sec.

ISO Speed : ISO-400

Exposure Bias : 0 Step

Focal Length : 3mm

Max aperture : 2.8

Metering Mode : Center Weighted Average

Flash Mode : NIL

This photo was sent by  Michelle Ward  and she said "I brought my father to Kuching meet his grandchildren as the last time he saw them they were all small and now they are all adults. Well, we decided to go makan the steam boat and I was taking the pics to put on here and when I looked at this pic I at first ignored it. But when I looked again I saw I had captured what looks like a youngish man. I have sent it to another paranormal investigator in the UK and he also sees it is a man. I think the steam gave this entity the energy to form. Well that is my ideas."

First of all, the photos below are genuine with its information still intact with the photos as above details. The first photo shows normal steam floating in the air. However, the second photo shows an interesting phenomenon that being manipulated by an energy force to form an apparition of man.

Original photo.

In this image seems the steam is normal.

Image credit: Michelle Ward.

Original photo 2.

A man manifested through the steam...

Image credit: Michelle Ward.

The mysterious figure appeared from the steam boat.

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