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Ghost orb in motion.

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Ghost supercharged orb captured on CCTV.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

These CCTV images of a ghost supercharged orbs was captured on CCTV of Malaysian Ghost Research's visitor. Its clearly shows a ghost supercharged orbs characteristics as for insect it will be appeared in zigzagged appearance.

Camera be it a conventional camera or CCTV camera it has no emotion that can be influence by any kind of energy forces. In fact, this device will record what ever passes in front of it and play the same way how an anomaly have recorded.  

Ghost orb in motion.

Ghost orb in motion.

Ghost orb in motion.

Faded ghost orb in motion

Ghost orb in motion.

Ghost orb in motion.


Some time ghost appearance represented by energy in the form of ghost ecto.

Furthermore, if it captured in video recording one would see a white mist form and discharge an instantly.

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