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Lady ghost.

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Lady ghost apparition captured on handphone.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Date : Unknown

Location : UPM

Camera Type: N/A

This  photo was sent by Cikgu Asrul Salleh at cikguasrul(at)yahoo(dot)com

He said that this photo was given to him by his wife that was received from a student. Further personal communication with him at the last day of 2009, he confirm but not exactly remembered the actual year that this photo was captured that is probably in the year of 2006 or 2007.

First of all this photo is not fake although the photo information that should be attached within the photo is no longer available. The valuable information that attach to a photo is the most crucial info to determine whether a photo has been altered or not.

Nevertheless, based on the information given by Cikgu Asrul during our personal meeting however has given some extra facts that he added this photo was captured using a hand phone camera.

Therefore, based on the detail of the photo suggests that the photo was captured in low light condition resulting the quality of the photo to be low due to pixel effects - High Noise. However, the pixel effects preserve the authenticity of the photo suggests that the photo have not been altered in anyway other than the file name of the photo. Hence, this photo is valid to be considered as the paranormal photo that has captured a female ghost apparition.

Lady ghost.

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