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Spirit appearance 5


Spirit Appearance In Humanoid Form

04 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date: 09/06/2009 12:59am

  • Location: Abandoned Chinese Cemetery, Sungai Petani.

These images were taken from a paranormal video clip frames that show ghost energy in the form of ecto cloud as well proof that the spirit exist within the energy spectrum.

Based on these images sequence it is noticeable that the spirit has their own freewill to appear in humanoid characteristics or whatsoever appearance that they wish to appear before us. Yet, this event is the best evidence to proof that the spirit has the ability to change their appearance freely and instantly according to their wish and we have no power or authority to give them orders to do according to what we want but as a researcher we are just a visitor and we are nobody if the spirit are not willing to participates in our paranormal research.

In fact, these images goes to proof that the same spirit has the ability to change the way they travel according to their needs. However, these images has given us the opportunity to see the truth that  the spirit rather choose their appearance in either in the form of ecto ball, orb or supercharged orb and vortex which gives them the freedom to travel.

However, in this case the spirit has given us the answer that those anomaly with whatsoever terms that we used to refer them yet they are still spirit of the dead that needs respect and kindness.

Furthermore, in these images below shows how a spirit appear in front of the camera video and it show a behaviour that is similar to humanoid characteristics although the appearance is not fully in human figure yet its behaviour neither cannot be associated with animal nor insect's behaviourism. 

Spirit appearance 1

Spirit appearance 2

Spirit appearance 3

Spirit appearance 4

Spirit appearance 5

Spirit appearance 6

Spirit appearance 7

Spirit appearance 8

Spirit appearance 9

Spirit appearance 10

Spirit appearance 11

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