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04 February 2023 07:46:28 AM

Formation of blue ghost energy.


Spirit Energy In the Operating Room

04 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

These photos was received from David Lilies of Deridder Ghost Hunters Club couple with a few EVPs.

He said Well our experiment worked at the old Hospital in Elizabeth, Louisiana with the power ball. Look at the pictures of the spirit walking by the ball, these are two shots back to back. The place was built as a hospital in 1924 to take care of a lumber company that had moved into the area.  These photos and evps were recorded in the operating room. we told the spirits that if they needed the energy they can use it. I thank one took us up on the offer.

The two pictures shows an amazing ghost energy that is  being form. The EVPs prove spirit of the dead retained their intelligence that respond positively to investigator who show respect and reverence towards the spirit of the dead during investigation.

Formation of blue ghost energy.

Blue orb ghost energy.

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