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Overlapping face.

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Telupid overlapping face.

10 June 2016  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date: Unknown

  • Location : Telupid, Sabah

This ghost photo was sent by Jerome of Beluran. According to him, this photo was taken from a school hostel room which is believed to be the room where a female hostelite was found dead in the room.  At first glance this photo was taken without camera flash, judging from the object taken which is dark. Furthermore, this photo is valid to be  of paranormal origin as it had captured the presence of spirit entity. If someone were to claim this photo is due to amera shake, it is not acceptable since the background is clear without strikes. In fact, close examination suggests that there were 2 overlapping images .

The actual person who is supposedly in the picture was sitting directly facing the camera. Meanwhile, the image which overlaps is sitting in a different position. Interestingly, the actual person who is supposedly in the picture cannot be seen. However the new person who is overlapping has become the main object. Furthermore, the face is very clear without strikes suggesting that the person is not moving but overlapping. The new person apparition is not fully formed due to insufficient energy to resemble a figure. Perhaps this new person is the duplicate of the actual person mentioned .

Overlapping face.

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