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26 January 2023 09:53:34 PM

Ghost appearance.


The Best Collection of Gurun Ghost Energy Patterns

26 January 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location:  SMK Gurun, Gurun, Kedah

  • Date: 23/05/2008  04:05 am

These images taken from a video frames in a 52-minute infra red video recording of paranormal investigation shows energy generated by a spirit which is passing in front of the video camera in the form of a vortex forming an eight shape, a great vortex as well an ecto cloud.

At the same time the images shows that ghost appearances is not fix to a mono appearance as what people may think that ghost must be always appeared in human form. But, the truth is that ghost appearance indeed in multi energy configurations.

Eight shape.

Ghost appearance.

Ghost vortex.

Ghost vortex

Ghost vortex

Gurun Vortex

Ghost vortex

Ghost energy

Ghost vortex discharge energy

Malaysian Ghost Research Vortex Image

The prominent ghost energy

Orb in motion

U ghost energy

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