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28 January 2023 11:04:08 PM

Beautiful ghost energy.


The Greatest Ghost Orb In Motion

28 January 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

This Ghost photo couple with an EVP send by David Liles at deridderghosthuntersclub[at]

Yes I do practice respect in fact I've asked people to leave the investigation if they don't show respect.  I've been on investigations with other groups who taunt the spirits to do something that is something that I will not do.  How would they fill is they asked there grandmother or mom to perform like a circus animal.  I will not tolerate that in my group. We do this to prove that life does exist beyond the grave and of course for fun.

let me share an evp with you that I did to prove the respect and polite work.  Take a listen. Oh thank you for posting the link. And one of my favorite picture if you would like to post it. I told the spirit I was working with that he had pretty flowers on his grave his response was "oh thank you" this proves that the spirits do appreciated a good comment...

David Liles and Jamie Butcher
Co-founders of the Deridder Ghost Hunters Club
Certified EVP Researchers, Paranormal Investigators and Ghost Investigators Associate members and inner circle members of the IGHS

Beautiful ghost energy.

My comment about this amazing photo.

July 4th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

This picture shows an amazing ghost energy in the form of a ghost orb in motion prove spirit of the dead retained their intelligence that respond positively to investigator who show respect and reverence towards the spirit of the dead during investigation.

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