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The humanoid formation.

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Titi Hayun spirit appearance in humanoid behaviourism.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Date : 06/11/2010 12:24 am

Location : Titi Hayun, Yan, Kedah.

These images were extracted from a paranormal video recording that was recorded during a camp at Titi Hayun. The spot where the video recording was done is already know to be a hot spot for paranormal activity since the researcher began paranormal video recording since in 2006 in this area.

It is noticeable that the spirit that was recorded in the video was appeared in front of the camera more than 10 times. Interestingly, its clearly that the ghost energy that was appeared was in the form of ecto cloud. Perhaps, in this investigation the spirit have proven that they are really a person based on their behaviourism appearing in front of the video camera.

The spirit arival in the form of ghost orb in motion.

The spirit is forming.

Spirit appearance in humanoid.

Leaving to the top.

About to go down again.

The humanoid formation.

The spirit walk away.

Going out off the screen.

Reaching the edge.

Spirit appear next to the researcher.

Spirit at the middle.

a transparent spirit energy.

The spirit going down and disappear.

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