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Magical Hours: Is it True Ghosts are Active During Magical Hours?

Magical hours are believed to be the best time for ghost research that is around 9pm to 4am. In fact, many ghost hunting societies believe the range of the said time to be considered as prime ghost hunting hours. Hence, this particular solo ghost research of mine from 3am to 5 am in an abandoned house that I consider to be a haunted site was to test the ‘magical hours’ notion in ghost hunting. Unfortunately, my research findings proved that there was no such thing as magical hours for ghost hunting. In fact, the result of this research was considered extremely poor (only 2%)—based on the Malaysian Ghost Research Paranormal Investigation Achievement Rating Standard (PIARS).

Ghost research during magical hours has no correlation.
During this particular ghost research, I had purposely chosen this abandoned house which I had considered to be the most haunted and fitting setting to test the claims of  ‘magical hours’ being the prime hours for ghost hunting.

Therefore, the research findings suggest that perhaps there are other factors that determine the success in ghost hunting, since ghosts are not seasonal. This is because we believe that ghosts are human too who retain their human qualities and intelligence. Hence, these qualities may be actual factors that we need to tap during a ghost research, in order for us to achieve greater results , rather than relying on the belief of “magical hours” for ghost hunting.

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