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Mysterious figure Caught on Hand Phone.

November 26th, 2010 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Video clip Cyril of Sarawak Ghost Finder.

This video was sent to me a few weeks ago by Cyril from Sarawak . He said that this video was recorded by his auntie back in 2009. Unfortunately, the scientific data that support the validity of this video no longer available. Therefore, a dept analysis has to be done in order for us to consider the video clip to be accepted as valid evidence of the paranormal event.

The images below was extracted from the video frame of the said video clip that has captured a mysterious figure that passes by in a quick movements.

However, if based on the video clip alone it would be very difficult to determine the figure. Hence, based on the analysis done by Malaysian Ghost Research that this video is valid as paranormal evidence based on:

  • The mysterious figure passes by in extreme speed and only appeared as black shadowy figure.

  • The mysterious figure has no solid physical appearance. Yet however, if it is an ordinary human person the physical appearance as in person still can be identified.

  • Based on the still image, the mysterious figure seem in a transparent figure that similar to a shadow. In fact, when the said mysterious figure moves as seen in video show the figure's appearance in a flashing manner that confirm the said figure is a person in energy form.

Furthermore, this video clip did not tempted in anyway and considered to be the evidence of the existence of life afterlife except for the supporting data has been lose since the original name of the video has been altered yet it still can be considered as great evidence to prove the existence of life extension at the higher dimension...

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