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Ghost over fire...

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Ghost On Fire Caught on Hand Phone.

26 December 2014 by

This video was sent to me a few months ago for evaluation purposes by Brien Ooi at innshin at Nevertheless, there was no explanation or details about the where and who is the original owner of the video clip. However, based on the format of the video clip it was recorded on hand phone on 01-08-2008 which is during the month of the Hungry Ghost in Chinese beliefs.

Ghost over fire...

At first glance we might tough that the video recording did not record anything. In fact, we might says that the phenomenon that was recorded in this video is just a reflection from the bonfire and nothing else.

Yet however, this video have recorded a very interesting phenomenon which is a white floating figure hovering over near a bonfire. If one to look carefully at the white apparition that is not a light reflection that come from the bonfire but indeed spirit of the dead. Furthermore, this video clip did not tempted in anyway and considered to be the evidence of the existence life afterlife.

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