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Are Ghosts Earthbound Forever?

At every moment, man is being born and dies. Thus, man continues to experience the existence of the dead. Therefore, many of us make a conclusion that when people die, they would automatically turn into a ghost-like state that becomes earthbound and many of us would then believe that ghosts would become earthbound forever. However, we must be aware that the ghost terminology is a general reference to refer the living energy that exists within the consciousness of God’s mind. Furthermore, whether a person exists in flesh or as pure energy is not important, as all of us are one in God’s mind.

The Earthbound Ghost Concept

Therefore, ghosts do not stay on forever in the physical world as a ghost or earthbound spirit. In other words, a ghost only temporarily stays on within our domain until they have found new resolutions for unfinished business such as unsolved emotional burden during their life on earth, or being grounded by others who do not permit their beloved to move on to the higher plane of spirit existence. Hence, these unfinished business then becomes just for the moment—until a person attains a state of personal realisation that removes and solves their unfinished business, which then makes them perfect to enter the inner world—The spirit world.

The Process of Attaining the State of Realisation

However, in the process of attaining the state of realisation, a ghost may return and wander on Earth’s plane for the purpose of finding a logical explanation for their unsettled business, and unfortunately the process of finding the resolutions for each one of their burdens may take years to settle in the concept of a ‘time’ frame. Therefore, for this reason, we have to find the balance between our needs and our spiritual growth.

Thus, this is only can take place when we have the realisation that involves crucial decision making. Furthermore, we need to master every obstacle within our path way in the journey back to the source of life—by means of facing every difficulty in our life. Hence, in that way we will attain the state of perfection through experience—through pain that brings about healing.

Ghosts only temporarily stay on within our domain until they have found a new resolution for the many unfinished business of theirs. Photo courtesy of Asrul CikguOwn.
Ghosts only temporarily stay on within our domain until they have found a new resolution for the many unfinished business of theirs. Photo courtesy of Asrul CikguOwn.

Earthbound Ghost: The Transitory Moment and The Time Concept

Unfortunately, most of us are trapped within the concept of our fundamental five physical senses that we tend to see our surroundings based on what is logical to our mind. Therefore, we tend to see ‘time’ as a reference to understand the concept of eternity. Nevertheless, the spirit world time concept is beyond the physical law concept. Which means everything is already there because God’s mind holds everything that is beyond the concept of time—The Eternal Now.

Therefore, if based on the human interpretation that is confined within the concept of ‘time’, then it seems that the ghost will stay on in the physical world forever. Yet, the truth is that, the actual key that determines that ghosts stay on forever or not in the physical dimension is—the FREEDOM that a person obtains when attaining the state of personal realisation. Hence, everyone of us as an individual has the FREEDOM to make our own decisions that simply relies on our own capability to utilise God’s power that is entrusted in us through the mind, body and soul.

Personal Realisation

Similarly, ghosts may be trapped within the physical world until they realise that they need to precede their spiritual journey to the higher level in the spirit world. In other words, ghosts may reach a certain personal realisation that makes them realise certain things. Yet, this may take years to attain within the concept of ‘time’. However, in the spirit world, the concept of ‘time’ and ‘space’ simply do not exist because there is only ‘Now’ that exists—which is the Eternal Now. Hence, since within the spirit world, the ‘time’ concept does not exist but is replaced by the concept of the Eternal Now, therefore the ‘time’ concept does not play a big role in determining how long a ghost wanders within the physical dimension.

Nonetheless, in the process of attaining personal realisation, what removes and solves ghosts’ unfinished business is none other than the process of finding new resolutions to their unfinished business – that further brings about a new state of personal realisation.

Thus, based on the Near Death Experience (NDE) research confirmed that our existence at the higher spiritual dimension is based on one’s thoughts, deeds and actions while alive in the physical world. Hence, it is not too late for us to reconsider our way of life in the present moment. Remember it is easy to settle all our life issues while we are alive than to settle it in the afterlife!

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