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Paranormal Videography: Interpreting the “Realness” of Ghost Appearance

What lies beyond the grave remains a mystery especially the phenomenon related to ghost appearance before humans. Until then, science has discovered new technology such as video camera that can assist us in exploring the paranormal dimension related to ghost manifestation. In fact, research into the unknown has been going on for many years. Unfortunately, in Malaysia, research on the paranormal as well as ghost research is only at its initial stages—it is only almost going to be two decade to this date. Furthermore, many of us are still stuck with the traditional point of view when it comes to interpreting ghost appearance.

Despite multitudes of solid evidence that I had collected from my solo paranormal investigations and ghost research through video recording, audio and photos, yet many of us instead fail to understand the truth that lies beyond the spirit dimension due to the lack of basic understanding on ghost appearance related to the metaphysics concept.

ghost research is a research that make us aware the existence of others.
Ghost research is a research that makes us aware of the existence of others.

Hence, in order for us to understand the nature of earthbound spirit existence, we need to have equal knowledge on ghost energy patterns, as well the existence of the surrounding environment that actively contributes ghostly anomalies. In fact, the advanced technology of the digital camera has given us the opportunity to view closer our surroundings that produce ghostly anomalies generated by the environment such as dust, pollen, moisture etc.

Furthermore, the Malaysian Ghost Research has made it possible for the public to view the actual appearance of a ghost that not only can be seen in human form but most of the time appears as a supercharged orb, vortex or in the form of ecto clouds. In fact, I specialise in documenting the “realness” of ghost existence outdoors using a video camera and today I have invented a camera from the CCTV technology to be used in paranormal and ghost research video recording.

Therefore, I have come to realise that still photos have its limitations, in that it is cannot give further clarification on the actual appearance of ghost existence. In contrast, paranormal video recording not only has given me the opportunity to observe again and again the ghost appearance, live that has been recorded on video. In addition, I also have the opportunity to understand the existence of multitudes of ghost energy patterns as well as ghostly images generated by the environment.

In fact, my solo research not only has supported the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) documentations on ghost existence, but it has also introduced new dimensions on interpreting the “realness” of ghost appearance. Nevertheless, many readers think that sophisticated technology which we employ during paranormal investigation would determine the success of a paranormal investigation. However, that has proven to be not true, as the equipment we use is merely only to assist us in collecting solid evidence as proof. The actual tool that enables us to meet with success in documenting ghost existence is embedded in us, which is our ability to combine our mind, body and soul that consist of love which generates not only peace in our minds but also in our soul. This same love is the factor which determines human relationships, including that of the spirits of the dead.

Furthermore, what visitors to my website view from the research findings which I publish is the work of hours of actual investigation which only discloses less than one percent of the experience I underwent on location. But interestingly, sceptics who have no experience in conducting ghost research take less than 10 seconds to evaluate paranormal evidence based on their perceptions, whereby most of these sceptics view ghost existence from a traditional viewpoint.

Ghost appearance is base on metaphysics concept.
Ghost appearance is base on metaphysics concept.

To understand ghost existence through their appearance is similar to how we understand the living behavioural patterns governed by emotional stimuli.  Therefore, we need to understand the surroundings of any field investigation before we are able to behave accordingly. Meanwhile, the ability to merge our mind, body and soul into one is the greatest tool that will help us feel the energy forces beyond the reach of our five senses. In fact, understanding the actual concept of universal love is the key that is able to suppress negative energy forces such as anger generated by earth bound spirits. Perhaps, how we treat these earthbound spirits will determine how they choose to appear before us, hence we sees the realness of ghost appearance in a multitude of energy configurations based on the metaphysics concept.

Finally, in order for us to understand the ghost appearance patterns, we need to be open minded and not pass negative judgement on them, as we have no right to judge these spirits who have done their very own reflection that had resulted them in becoming earth bound spirits for reasons only known to them. Therefore in my opinion, rather than passing negative judgement on spirits, I would like to suggest that we channel our love and kindness instead to ease their emotional burden. We must remember that spirits are learning to find new resolution, and the kindness that we show towards them will not only make us grow spiritually but will also will help us foster a healthier communication with them. Hence, to understand spirits behavioural patterns is equally important in the process of interpreting the realness of ghost appearance.

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An Associate International Member of the UK Geographical Association, the Assistant Afternoon Supervisor of Gurun Secondary School (Kedah, Malaysia), a Geography teacher with 28 years of teaching experience and holds a masters degree in Geography, former outdoor education trainer, an education application developer, an environmental researcher, a photographer, a videographer, a book author, a solo paranormal and ghost researcher, as well as the sole founder of Malaysian Ghost Research.

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