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A Mysterious Lady Ghost Apparition Captured on mobile phone

This lady ghost apparition photo was sent by Cikgu Asrul Salleh at cikguasrul(at)yahoo(dot)com. He said that this photo was given to him by his wife that was received from a student. From further personal communication with him on the last day of 2009, he confirmed but did not exactly remember the actual year that this photo was captured – probably in the year 2006 or 2007. First of all, in this photo, the lady ghost is not fake, although the photo information that should have been attached within the photo was no longer available. The valuable information attached to a photo is the most crucial info to determine whether a photo has been altered, or not.

lady ghost
This mysterious lady ghost was captured on a mobile phone and is valid to be a paranormal photo.

Nevertheless, information given by Cikgu Asrul during our personal meeting had added that this lady ghost photo was captured using a mobile phone camera. Therefore, this detail suggests that the photo was captured in low light conditions, resulting in the quality of the photo to be low due to pixel effects – High Noise. However, the pixel effects preserve the authenticity of the photo,  suggesting that the photo had not been altered in anyway other than the file name of the photo. Hence, this photo is valid to be considered paranormal, having captured a female ghost apparition.

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