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Extension of Life: Spirit World Mirrors Our Spiritual Life in Formless Form

The extension of life that is reflected from the spirit world  mirrors our spiritual life in a formless form at the higher dimension. Therefore, many visitors of Malaysian Ghost Research were disappointed that they did not see our research findings featuring a ghost who could be seen in transparent human form—in line with orthodox thinking about ghost existence.

Yet, spirits are truly in the form of energy that exists in formless form,  but that may manifest into the physical world in multi-energy configurations based on the first law of thermodynamics—that conclude that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form.” Therefore, in this way, science has already provided solid proof that ghosts truly exist. Hence, spirits existence at the same time mirrors the expansion of our life extension—at the higher plane of existence.

Therefore, since ghosts have no physical body, they therefore can appear before man in any form that they wish, according to their free will, and we have no powers to intrude upon their privacy. Yet, pure unconditional love connects each one of us, including every fabric of living energy, for we are all integral aspects of God, the Supreme Universal Consciousness. Hence, the true concept of God’s love exceeds the limitation of human thoughts, race, religion, and all life, including other planets beyond the imagination.

In fact, through paranormal and ghost research, the researcher has discovered that our personality mainly consists of three parts, which are the logic or the mind, the physical body and the inner soul or spirit that become our personality (MIND + BODY + SOUL = Personality). Yet, even though the three components are important in our daily life, but when in the transition process through physical death, the Body of the Mind and the Physical Body will be shed and transform into EXPERIENCE that will be attached to the soul that enhances the soul existence at the higher dimension. Therefore, only the SOUL or the personality will exist as a force known as the LIFE FORCE in a unique geomagnetic field.

Hence, the image below is an extracted image from a Malaysian Ghost Research paranormal investigation video file showing the existence of a ghost in the form energy that is seen in thin mist or ecto cloud. However, for those who have no understanding of ghost existence from the concept of the dualism perspective, most visitors would then disregard this evidence because of its appearance that is similar to insects. However, the researcher really appreciates the spirit’s efforts to prove themselves to be human without a physical body. Therefore, in this case we need the understanding on human behaviourism that this characteristic will differentiates spirits from those of insects.

Thus, the extracted image show an energy that only can be seen by the camera. However, from the researcher’s perspective during the recording, the researcher had seen a figure moving around in front of the video as well as had experienced a temperature drop. Nevertheless, the video had recorded not a person in human shape—but a person in energy form. Hence, those images are the solid proof of the life extension at the higher dimension that most of us refer to as a spirit. Furthermore, the spirit in the video below shortened to only three minutes from 38 minutes of video recording—not only has given us the opportunity to see the spirit’s intelligence in terms of behaviourism. But also had given us the opportunity to see that it is truly a living energy.

Therefore, the first thing that we should see is the anomaly’s behaviourism pattern—the intelligence that every time this anomaly appeared, it had the ability to stop still for a few seconds, appearing to be walking at the bottom of the screen, as well its movement patterns is similar to human movement. In fact, in a certain position, it showed a slight appearance of someone standing right in front of the camera with quite a distinct shoulder.

Furthermore, in a certain appearance, it showed distinct differences in terms of energy thickness. In fact, the spirit appearance did not reflect the infrared light, proving that it had no physical body. In comparison, when the researcher passed by in front of the video camera, insect appearances would then be smeared because of the physical appearance. Yet, when the spirit appeared, the anomaly did not create any smeared appearance—proving that it was in the form of energy.

Spirit existence is the extension of our life in formless form.
A spirit standing in front of the video with quite a distinct shoulder.

Therefore, this simple understanding on spirit behavioural patterns is very important for us to differentiate the appearance between bugs and spirits recorded in a video. Perhaps, this opportunity has given us the chance to understand better the extension of life when we shed our physical body, enter the spirit world and widen the horizon of our knowledge towards the existence of living energy at large that exists among us—as a unique person in spirit form.

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