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Nonsensical Comment Harshly Commented Upon by a Spirit

These series of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVPs) were recorded by my team of paranormal investigators in Sabah back in February 28, 2007 at 11.09 p.m from an empty lot of land in Kg. Pelantong, Beluran. The EVPs had captured a series of spirits’ statements that tells us that the spirit of the dead are aware and also recognise us. Interestingly, even though these EVPs were captured more than one thousand miles away from my base in Sungai Petani, Kedah,  yet, the spirits were aware and recognised who I was.

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This research findings also revealed that the spirits themselves were aware that I had already known that spirit are not present all the time—as one of the spirits commented, Cikgu Augustine knows that spirits are not present all the time.

Furthermore, notice that even spirits are aware of the most foolish living, who are not aware of the truth beyond the spirit world and should be shut up. This is based on one of the villagers commenting that those who follow investigations simply give nonsensical comments about spirit existence—only then to be badly commented by the spirit about such comments.

Research Findings on the Living Nonsensical Comment 

The EVPs were recorded on a Panasonic voice recorder using a high-density external microphone.

Tidak kasih bagus – nonsense – keep – 25.5kb

Spirit 1: Tidak kasih bagus (It didn’t put properly)

Spirit 2: Nonsense!

Spirit 3: Keep!

Itu maulah kasih sultan tengok – itulah bah tujuan cikgu – 48.5kb

Spirit 1: Itu maulah kasih sultan tengok. ( Lets the Sultan see that.)

spirit 2: Itulah bah tujuan cikgu. ( Actually, that is the teacher’s main purpose )

Cikgu augustine sudah tau tidak ada sepanjang waktu. ( Cikgu Augustine knows that spirits are not present all the time) – 44.4kb

Uh! tak mau – Yokud suka’ – 20.5kb

Spirit 1: Uh! tak mau aku (Uh! please, if me I won’t).

Spirit 2: Yokud suka’ ( It’s up to me!)

Oh tidak hujan besok – kumurau – 24.4kb

Investigator : Oh! tidak hujan besok (Oh! tomorrow it won’t be raining)

Spirit 1: Kumarau! (Dry Season!)

Tau tau nohurak no ii sara (Who knows the box is already torn) – 19.1kb

Satu roh jadi bintang mangkali’ – ino kobabasung nu kopio – 39.1kb

Villager: Satu roh jadi bintang, satu roh jadi bintang mangkali’ ( Maybe each spirit will turn into a star.) One of the villagers who has followed the investigation.

Spirit 1 & 2: Ino kababasung nu kopio (Really, that is your stupidest comment).

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