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Mosquito: Its Prominent Signature on Slow Shutter Video Recording

The two images below are good examples of an insect’s distinct shape recorded on slow shutter video recording. Based on intensive analysis on our database that contains over 1000 ghost photos,I had removed 6 images and 2 photos and 1 video clip that were identified as “explainable” rather than “ghostly”. The first image shows a distinct antenna of a mosquito that becomes the basic signature of its kind when captured on video or even on digital photo.

Mosquito antena
Mosquito has its long antenna that becomes its signature when captured on slow shutter video recording.

I have already mastered the art of how to identify and evaluate paranormal video recording through intensive analysis, and learning it through the hard way. Nevertheless, I had gained new knowledge and expanded my understanding to a higher level of spirit existence. As I have always believed that in order for us to understand better the spirit existence, we must have great understanding on our own existence, surrounding and have the capacity to accept new knowledge and, not be stuck with the traditional point of view that solely views ghost existence in human figure.

Mosquito antenna is always prominent.
In whatever position, the mosquito’s antenna is always prominent.

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