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Mosquito Signature—on Slow Shutter Ghost Research Video Recording

These images were taken from a video recording frame that has captured a mosquito signature on slow shutter video recording. Interestingly, of all my paranormal video recordings of the mosquito suggest that a mosquito has the ability to sense infrared light, but it is not attracted to it as much as its blood host. Therefore, for this reason during outdoor paranormal recording it is recommended that the researcher should not standing nearby, or stay for a long period near the video recorder unnecessarily. In fact, it is a good practice for an outdoor paranormal researcher to be far at least 30 meters away from the video camera during recording.

My research has observed the mosquito signature recorded on slow shutter video recording that the most prominent characteristics of a mosquito are the long legs and a pair of long hairy antenna. Hence, since the mosquito’s wings are small and short, therefore its flying action does not generates images that have jagged edges. Nevertheless, its long antenna and long legs however will prominently become the basic signature for one to refer to, in order to be recognised as an insect.

Therefore, the images below are a good examples of a mosquito captured on slow shutter video, and because of its distinct appearance, one should still able to recognise it, based on the mosquito’s most prominent characteristics mentioned.

The mosquito signature is represented by its long legs and antenna.
Mosquito’s long antenna becomes its prominent signature when captured on slow shutter video recording.
Mosquito signature
Slow shutter video recording will produce a ghostly visual,  yet an insect has its very own prominent signature to signify its visual appearance.

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