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Multiracial Spirits Involved During a Ghost Research

These EVPs have captured a series of statements of multiracial spirits that tells us that even spirits like to give comments, and are actively involved in an investigations when we apply respect to both the living and the dead.

multiracial spirits

It is interesting to know how spirits converse among themselves about orb photos, as well as laugh at the ghost research team struggling with their digital camera, or sometimes arguing among themselves. In fact, it is clearly noticeable that there are multiracial spirits involved in this particular investigation.

Darling – 17.1kb

Hoi! jatuh ( Hei! It has fallen down) – 13.5kb

Spirit 1: Hoi! jatuh.

Spirit 2: Jatuh! (Fallen down)

Saya nampak – ii gitot no – 48.5kb

Spirit 1: Saya nampak kau sibuk ( I see you are busy)

Spirit 2: Hmm.

Spirit 3: Ii Gitot no. ( The only one here is Gitot)

Nah nontok no – 48.5kb

Kan? Nick! – Cepat bah itu – Quick – 34.1kb

Investigator 1: Kan Nick ( Right, Nick!)

Investigator 2: Cepat bah itu (that’s very fast)

Spirit 1: Quick ( At the same time the spirit lets out a laugh)

Kau menang! ( You win! ) – 10.3kb

Kongoi mama’d hiti – (Mom will be coming here) – 13.5kb

Masuk di gaung – Jadi – pup! pup! Smash – 59.4kb

Investigator – Masuk di gaung ( Going into the ravine)

Spirit 1 : Jadi… ( So, then… )

Spirit 2 : Smash! ( Most probably explaining with action, and said “smash “).

Poboroso ( Let’s tell )– 17.3kb

Us! orb dii – macam tiada – 14.8kb

Spirit 1: Us! orb dii.. ( Look! That’s an orb..)

Spirit 2: Macam tiada (Most probably had captured nothing)

Iti no! ( The only one!) – 6.60kb

Undetected meaning – Kasut mana? – 33.5kb

Spirit 1: Undetected meaning.

We are unable to determine the actual meaning of the sentence that the spirit actually said due to background noise, coupled with some kind of disturbance.

Spirit 2: Kasut mana? ( Which shoes?)

The spirits were tickled by the investigators struggling with their digital camera – 28kb

Investigator 1: Kau kasih habis (Tekan habis) gambar situ. ( You press, and take picture over there).

Investigator 2: Jadi, kau tekan mana? ( So, which one do you need to press?)

Spirit 1: Letting out a laugh, as if tickled.

Spirit 2: (Dengan nada bergurau) Gambar di sini! ( In a teasing manner – Take a picture here).

Patut no ( No wonder! ) – 11.9kb

Orb pinatahak ( Orb had been given  – 10.1kb

Ada tak pokok Are? – Mi yoau – Tadi kate ade! – 34.8kb

Spirit 1: Ada tak pokok Are? ( Is there any Ara tree? )

Spirit 2: Mi you’ ( None )

Spirit 1: Tadi kate ade! ( Just now (you) said there was!)

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