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Mysterious Face Captured on Camera at Langkawi Underwater World

This mysterious face was sent by Vic Balsita with details ” We visited Underwater World last August 18. When I was taking pictures of my wife in the big grouper aquarium, I accidentally caught a picture of a ghost. It’s a small head and very detailed. He or she has short hair, with four black and white necklaces and a feather on the right ear…”.

mysterious face
Date : 16/08/2011 01.57 pm, Expose Time: 1/8 sec, Camera Maker: Panasonic, Camera Model: DMC – FH3
A mysterious face of a woman.

The information given by Vic Balsita is that this photo has great details of an interesting apparition of a mysterious face. Furthermore, upon checking the validity of this photo I found the scientific data was not tampered in any way, as all information of the photo metadata that was needed for scientific reference was still intact as shown in the video below. Therefore, this photo is considered to be the  another solid evidence on the existence of the continuation of life – the afterlife.

The Authentication on paranormal ghost photos.

This video shows the most basic reference to determine if a photo that is claimed to be authentic or not. The data that is attached within the photo is crucial,telling us many details related to the authenticity of a photo.

Posted by Malaysian Ghost Research on Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Augustine Towonsing

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