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Mysterious Figure Running Fast at a Shopping Mall Accident

Do you believe in a superhumans? This video was that of a mysterious figure running fast at the shopping mall accident, originally sent by Mohd Zaki Mohd Safian, which he had received from his brother. Nevertheless, he confirmed that he didn’t know the actual owner of the said clip. However, this clip claimed to be the recording of the incident of a horrible tragedy at Kota Bharu Mall in Kelantan, Malaysia where a car had plunged into a shopping complex from a car park.

Interestingly, in this video clip there was a peculiar figure passing very fast, since many of us may be interested to know what exactly was recorded in the video recording. Therefore, I had taken a close analysis, and came to a conclusion that this video is not fake, but had recorded the appearance of an unseen being. The images below are zoomed images up to 380% taken from the said clip—that showed a figure in motion.

The conclusive facts of the mysterious fast running figure – is that the figure:

  • is not an ordinary human being, as its motion is that of extreme speed.

  • was not running on the ground, but instead floating/running in the air.

  • had a ‘blinking’ appearance, in that it seemed to appear and disappear.

Furthermore, this video was recorded on slow shutter mode that had created a visual that has light streak effects. Therefore, if a person was running at extreme speed, then the person would only be seen as a streak, or totally disappear. Yet, the figure in this video clip did not behave in such a manner, that had made the said figure to be qualified as an unseen being.

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