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Mysterious Ghost Apparition in Miri, Sarawak Caught on Camera

This mysterious ghost apparition in Miri, Sarawak was sent by Nixam Cobain at nixamism(at)gmail(dot)com. He said I’m a 30 year old civil servant working at one of the government offices in Miri, Sarawak, East Malaysia. Yesterday (7/7/2008), in the afternoon (4.30 pm-5.30 pm I think) I took photos of the building’s interior with my handset to be included in our bi-monthly office bulletin. After that, I transferred the pics to my laptop and was shocked! One of the pics depicted a woman in long white skirt standing on the top of the stairs!!! It creeped me out!!! Nobody was there when I took the pic. I was alone at that time! Here’s the pic, and tell me what you think..”

The first photo below is the original photo while the second photo is a duplicate of the original that has been enhanced for analysis.

mysterious ghost apparition in Miri, Sarawak
Original photo of a mysterious ghost apparition in Miri, Sarawak captured on Nokia-N70, 7/7/2008 at 12.38 pm.
mysterious ghost apparition in Miri, Sarawak
An enhanced photo of the mysterious ghost apparition in Miri, Sarawak.

This photo of the mysterious ghost apparition in Miri, Sarawak is not fake since the photo information is intact. In fact, I have managed to get the exact date, time and the type of the camera that has been used to capture the said photo without asking the sender. This valuable information is the most crucial info to determine whether a photo has been altered or not. Based on the info given, the said photo was captured on 7/7/2008 at 12:38 pm using a camera found in the Nokia hand phone model N70-1.

Further clarification about the history and background of the place based on information gained through a set of questions in an email interview confirmed that this photo is valid to be of paranormal origin Below is the information related to this photo:

Researcher(R) : Your photo was taken on 7/7/2008 at 12.38pm, am I right? It was during lunch time.

Nixam (N): I seemed to have been mistaken about the time. Sorry.

R : Could you give me some background or history about the building, such as when it was built.

N : It was built in the 90’s.

R : Were there any paranormal events ever noted to have taken place at the place at any time?

N : Lots of times. my colleague thought he saw something at the staircase 2 years back.

R : Has anyone had feelings of unease when they were alone?

N : Yes, I did feel like someone was watching me whenever I was alone in the store room, toilet.. creepy.. my friends also had the same feeling.

R : Did you feel weird before or after you had taken a picture at the place?

N : Nothing weird. Just felt like someone’s watching…

R: Had anyone who had worked at this place passed away?

N : Yes, in January last year, our Boss died at his hotel room (near our office). A few days after the burial, our guards saw somebody ( tall, broad-shouldered shadow, which physically looked like our dead Boss) walking along the corridor near his office late at night. That creeped them out, all of them quit the next day. Next, our new guards saw a white womanly figure standing at the corner of our shaded parking lot.

R : Can you please tell me what kind of place was it where the said woman was seen standing?

N : At the back of the staircase in the office building. ( 2-storey building).

R: How many female workers are there at your work place?

N : In this building, there are about 40+ female workers excluding the female office cleaners.

R: Does anyone in your area or in your work place dress similar to the figure?

N : Maybe, I don’t remember. sorry about that..

Unfortunately, nothing much of the photo details help to explain its nature. However, the positioning of the woman’s figure suggests that the said figure is standing still which can be assumed to be a state of watching something, as explained by Nixam’s feelings of being watched.

However, Nixam could not justify the dress code of the said woman to the dressing of anyone similar in his work place. Therefore, based on this interview, the said womanly figure is valid to be of paranormal origin that explains how some spirits choose to stay on in the physical world for reasons only known to them. Furthermore, this event also suggests that earthbound spirits are not affected by solar activities that produces geomagnetic fields.

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