Piojuster the mysterious man
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Mysterious Man: The Visit of Piojuster From the Parallel World

These series of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) that were captured during my research within our home back in February 15, 2007 at 12.30 a.m had recorded spirit voices as well as a mysterious man that had visited me from far. One thing I had considered a mystery in this particular research findings is; I had recorded the same spirit in which my team who lived over 4000 kilometers away at the east of Sabah (East Malaysia) had recorded before, which was called “Piojuster” the mysterious man. Interestingly, not only had I recorded many spirit voices, but also had recorded a church bell from the parallel world. In fact, some of the voices were just too distinct and easily understood. The spirits here conversed in Malay, in the Sabah dialect as well in the English language. Interestingly, the last EVP suggested that the spirits were leaving.

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piojuster visited me

Research Findings on Piojuster the Mysterious Man:

The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were  recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

Di mana? – Cikgu Augustine  (Where? – Cikgu Augustine) – ?? – 14.4kb

Can you give me? – 9.23kb

Don’t touch – Ninan punya ( It belongs to Auntie) – 17.8kb

How old this bus stand – dua puluh tiga (23) – 22.8kb

Jim oku (I’m Jim) – 26.9kb

Just use senang (easy) – what I just follow what you say… – 32.6kb

Mencaci (Saying bad words) – 26.7kb

?? example… – 163kb

Piojuster – 10.4kb [ This name is the mystery which has been recorded by the MGR Sabah Paranormal Investigator ]

Punti (Banana) – 8.87kb

Kolihui lihui loh (It was forgotten, just forget about it) – 10.4kb

You don’t have to follow – 19.4kb

?? – Merajuk (Sulking) – Amu (No)  – 23.8kb

Follow me -13.6kb

Go out – 12.9kb

Kim here! – 119kb

Parallel church bell – 8.69kb

Please – 10.1kb

Corinne – 26.9kb

Yod ti (Like this…) – 20.3kb

Sleep – sleeping in his room – 15.1kb

Jalan ( Let’s go) – tunggu ( Wait for me ) – 11kb

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