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Non-Human Spirit in Metaphysics Energy Configuration

This ghost research finding by Malaysian Ghost Research had recorded a manifestation of a mysterious non-human spirit associated with the manifestation of metaphysical energy changes. However, this recording may cause a person to think that what is recorded is just a recording of insects alone, and this premise is true when viewing the recording at a glance. However, when the recording is analysed more closely, it will clearly show the transformation of the manifestation of what had been considered an insect in the first premise.

There are at least four changes in energy manifestation involved in the physical manifestation of these “insects.” Changes in physical manifestations of this energy show a dynamic energy change associated with the concept of metaphysical energy. The analysis of this observation results in a new premise where the “insect” is able to transform the configuration of its physics manifestation from one form to another form instantly, whereby this new nature by itself cancels out the first premise. Thus, the ability to change the physical manifestation instantly – is the nature of metaphysical energy. Therefore, this recording is actually a recording which has captured the energy of an entity other than the human spirit – and not insects as assumed in the first premise.


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