Batu Kapal - View from south.
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Batu Kapal: A Mysterious Attraction Located at a Jungle in Gunung Jerai

Batu Kapal is a mysterious attraction located at a jungle in Gunung Jerai that has its very own legend. Mount Jerai is a highland surrounded by a lowland with it peak 1,217 meters. In fact, Mount Jerai or Gunung Jerai plays a most important part in the history of Kedah and it was a focal trading point for traders century ago. According to the legend of King Merong Mahawangsa that Gunung Jerai originally was an island called Pulau Serai. Furthermore, it was mentioned that King Merong Mahawangsa’s ark was separated from the others ship in his armada after the attack by the Geruda bird. During the Geruda’s attack King Merong Mahawangsa’s ark was the only survivor. Therefore, the king later set up a city and palace at the foot of Gunung Jerai named ‘Langkasuka’.

Gunung Jerai
Gunung Jerai scene from small town of Gurun.

Furthermore, based on the ancient Hindu holy book the ‘Agni Purana’ mentioned that a thousand years before Merong Mahawangsa that Pulau Serai had already become a mountain surrounded by land. That the book mentioned about a state of ‘Anda-Kataha’ bordered a mountain which is ‘Anda-Kataha’ is Lembah Bujang ( Bujang Valley ).

Interestingly, at the middle of the forest at the peak of Gunung Jerai there was a huge ship-look alike rock known as ‘Batu Kapal’ or the stone ark. Thus, based on the legend believes the ship belongs to King Merong Mahawangsa that was cursed by Sang Kelembai (some believes says Gedembai a creation with a sharp tongue cursing anything into stone) while the king was anchoring his ship. Interestingly, not only the king’s ship turned into rock but many rocks in Gunung Jerai are also shaped like fish and other animals too.

The cursed fish
The cursed fish.

Furthermore, where were this Batu Kapal located is also at a strange location and strangely enough that a row of small inter-connecting pools begins at Batu Kapal and this stream is also called Alor Naga or dragon stream. In fact, an interesting note also can be found in the History Museum of Gunung Jerai mentioned that there are people had admitted seeing dragon scales among the rocks.

Batu Kapal - view from top
View on top of the stone ark.

Yet, those is only the legend’s believes as there are many more things that considered as mystery. While at the top of the Batu Kapal the officer from the Kedah Forest Department had told us many more strange stories that happened here. Not only we were told that the Batu Kapal has treasures of silver and gold but also he told us that many people regardless of faith and race were missing in this place. Other information about this place can be watched from the video below.

Meanwhile, the researcher has taken the opportunity to take a few snaps of photos around the stone ark  and found that what was mentioned in the legend of Gunung Jerai about a stream that begins at the Batu Kapal is true. In fact, this large rock is also not attach to the ground but as though it is loose unattached on the ground.

Batu Kapal - View from north west
View from west
Batu Kapal - View from south east.
View from south.
Batu Kapal - View from North.
View from north west.

Nevertheless, although physically this stone ark is just like the rest of the rocks that can be found in Gunung Jerai yet there are many things  that still remain as mystery. Yet, it is a wonders that become the treasure of Gunung Jerai that full of mystery and although phrases like Gedembai, spirits, elves, dragon and ‘Tok Sheik’  were just phrases that is not proven yet these are the phrases that always mentioned among those who amazed with the Gunung Jerai’s legend. Therefore, in 2009 at the foot of the mountain the Titi Hayun, Yan the Malaysian Ghost Research has recorded a very distinct voices that looking for the researcher as well at the same recording has recorded an ancient musical instrument being played that believe to be comes from the elve’s settlement.

View from north.
Batu Kapal - View from south.
View from South.

In fact, based on the Malaysian Ghost Research experienced conducting paranormal video recording arround the mountain foot  that covers Singkir, Gurun and Titi Hayun, Yan shows that the existence of spirits and elves cannot be denied. It is scientifically proven based on the video recording that this mountain has its own mystery and significant with the strange occurances that happened around  the ‘Batu Kapal’. In fact, when one present at the location themselves one will find that it just an ordinary nature scene that hides well its mystery and wonders.

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